How to Merge Forms

April 29, 2024

If you want to combine two forms into one, Jotform has a widget called Field Manager. All you need to do is identify the two forms you’d like to merge and then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Field Manager and click Open Integration.
How to Merge Forms Image-1
  1. Click Allow to give Field Manager access to your forms.
How to Merge Forms Image-2
  1. Click the gray button to open the Form Picker.
How to Merge Forms Image-3
  1. Select the first form you’d like to merge. Keep in mind that you can only combine two forms at once. Click Continue.
How to Merge Forms Image-4
  1. Select your second form.
How to Merge Forms Image-5
  1. Select the fields you’d like to merge and click the big blue arrow to combine them.
How to Merge Forms Image-6
  1. Select Open Form in Jotform Builder to view your newly merged form.
How to Merge Forms Image-7
  1. Rearrange the fields to your liking and rename your form, if your old form title doesn’t fit anymore.
How to Merge Forms Image-8

Let us know how Field Manager works for you in the comments!

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