How to Change PDF Attachment Filename?

October 16, 2021

When you set up an Email Notification, you have the option to include a submission as a PDF attachment in the email alert. You can customize the filename of the PDF attachment from the PDF Editor.

I will be using a Tattoo Consent Form template for this example.

  1. From the Form Builder, launch the PDF Editor from the quick access menu on the upper left.
    quick access menu
  2. In the PDF Editor, click on the paint roller icon at the browser’s top right to open Layout Settings.
  3. Scroll down in the Customize tab to find the PDF File Name option.

    The filename is currently set to Full Name and Signed Date, which will be filled by the user in the form. You can edit the name and set it as Form Title, Submission ID, etc.

  4. Click on pencil icon in front of the name to edit the filename.

    When you hover the mouse over the field, you will see a cross sign. If you want to remove a field value from the filename, click on that to delete it.

  5. To set a new name, click on Form Fields and choose the fields from the dropdown menu. I chose Full name, Form Title, and Submission ID as the filename.

When you download or send PDF submission, it will be named like this:

sample output
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