How to Send Data via Webhook in Jotform Tables

October 23, 2022

The Send Data via Webhook action button in Jotform Tables allows you to send select data to a webhook endpoint. Push data to your own or 3rd-party services with just a few clicks.

Here’s how to set up the Send Data via Webhook action button:

  1. In Jotform Tables, click on the Add column heading.
  1. Next, go to the Buttons tab.
  2. Choose Send Data via Webhook then click on Next.
  1. Give a name to your column then click on Next.
  1. Enter your endpoint or webhook URL in the Add WebHook field.
    Note: To add more endpoints, click on Add New WebHook.
  2. Finally, click on Complete Integration.

A new column containing the Send Data buttons should appear.


You can now send data to your endpoint by clicking the Send Data button for each record. To resend a record, click on the down angle icon then choose Resend.

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