How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables

May 16, 2024

With the functions of new Action Buttons – you can send different forms to your form users right from Jotform Tables for a follow-up or proceed further contact.

First of all, open your Jotform Table from what you want to send additional forms, scroll right to the right border of your table and click on the +Add button:

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-1

In the opened window, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Buttons tab.
2. Select the Send form action.
3. Click Next.

(Please, note that the Next button will be inactive until you select the action)

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-2

Next, enter a column name. This name will be shown in your Jotform Table:

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-3

After selecting the name to a column, it’s time to select a form and set up the prefill option if needed. 

On the form selection window, you can:

  1. Select a form that will be sent once you click the Send button in your Table.
  2. Enable Prefill form fields option so the information from the existing form will be pre-populated to a new form. This option becomes enabled automatically after selecting the form that will be sent. The fields that can be matched in the Tables and the selected form is shown automatically. 
  3. Turn on Allow Edit function to allow users edit pre-filled fields.
  4. Map the Table Columns to the Form Fields. 

Add More Fields for pre-filling.

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-4

On the final window you can select:

(a) field where the system can find an email address to send the invitation or (b) enter the email address manually.

In the right corner (c) you can see the limit of email addresses left. Also, you can (d) optionally add a message to a person.

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-5

Once you create a column, you will see the created column in your table with action buttons in front of every submission.

In this column, you can: 
(a) Send form. 
(b) Check the information if the form already sent.
(c) Click the arrow down and resend a form.

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-6

When a Send form button is clicked, it sends an email to the configured email address with a form link inside of it. If the prefill option is enabled for the button column, the link inside the email opens the form and pre-populated the fields with the data from Tables. If the prefill option is disabled, the selected form opens empty.

How to Send Forms in Jotform Tables Image-7
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