How to Set an Expiration Date in Jotform Sign

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Knowing how to set an expiration date can be helpful when you’re sending signers a document with confidential or time sensitive information.

  1. After you designate your signers and add the appropriate places for them to sign, move to the Send tab.
Image of the Jotform Sign Builder with an arrow pointing to the send tab
  1. In the Send tab, fill in the names and emails of your recipients, and before clicking Send to Sign, move to the Options tab.
Image of the Send tab within the Sign Builder
  1. Toggle the On switch under the second heading titled Expiration Date.
Image of the Send tab with the Expiration Date switch toggled to On
  1. Click the calendar icon to select the date you want your document link to expire.
An image of the Options tab underneath the Send tab with an arrow pointing to the calendar icon
  1. Go back to the Recipients tab and click Send to Sign. Now your signers will receive a document link that will expire.
An image of the Send tab with an arrow pointing to the green Send to Sign button

If your signers still need to sign their document after it expires, you can go back to it in My Documents and resend it to them.

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