How to Send Your Document to Someone to Be Signed

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You can share your Sign documents and send invites to your signers by going to the Send tab in Sign Builder.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Send tab in Sign Builder.

Note: If you have already sent a signable document before, click Send Document to Sign to create a new invitation.

  1. Enter the signers’ names and email addresses.
  1. Set up the following options at your discretion:
sign-builder-signing-order-min-png sign-builder-send-tab-custom-message-min-png sign-builder-send-tab-access-code-min-png
  • Invite Signers In Order — Invite signers in order by enabling the Signing order option and reordering the recipients. In this way, the recipients will receive emails whenever the prior recipient signs the document.
  • Set Custom Message — Enter custom messages to particular recipients by clicking the speech bubble or message icon.
  • Set Access Code — Set up a code to view and sign the document for added security by clicking the key icon.

Additional options can also be found in the Options tab:

  • Send Automatic Reminder Emails — Send a reminder email message automatically to recipients to sign the document.
  • Expiration Date — Set an expiration date for your invitation.
  • Allow Signer Delegation — Signers can delegate the document to another signer when enabled.
  • Add CC Recipient — Send a carbon copy email to the defined recipients.
  1. Click Send to Sign once all the settings are set to send the document and start the signing process.

At the bottom of the Send tab, you’ll see the list of documents sent. You can check the details by hovering over an entry and clicking Track.


To learn more, see Tracking the Signing Process.

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