How to Set up Digest Emails

May 16, 2024

Jotform’s Digest Emails lets you get an email summary of your form submissions. In the email, you can include a detailed chart of your form data, the number of submissions, and the submission details. You can set it to send you daily, weekly, or monthly emails. It will be up to you to choose.

There are multiple ways to start creating the Digest Emails. You can do it through the My Forms, My Reports, and Emails tab of the Form Builder.

Creating Digest Emails on My Forms Page

The quickest and easiest would be to create the Digest Emails through the My Forms page. You can preselect multiple forms or create the digest with one form.

  1. On the My Forms page, select the forms you wish to be on the Digest Emails.
  2. Click the Create New Digest button at the top part of the page, as shown in the screenshot below:
Create New Digest in the Jotform My Forms page

To create a Digest Email with one form, you must:

  1. Select the form.
  2. Click More on the far right of the selected form.
  3. Choose the Create Digest Email option from the Data column, as shown in the following image:
Create Digest email in Data column of the selected form in the Jotform My Forms page

Creating Digest Emails on My Reports Page

If you frequently view the My Reports page, you can create the Digest Emails there. The flow changes slightly since you must set up the Email settings before selecting the forms. Here’s how:

  1. Go to My Reports page.
  2. Click the Create Report button.
Create Report button in the Jotform My Reports page
  1. Choose Digest Emails from the options.
Digest Emails option in the Create Report flow in the Jotform My Reports page

Creating Digest Emails Through the Email Section of the Form Builder

If you are in the Form Builder, you can also create the Digest Emails in the Email section. It’s not visible until you choose to create a new email template.

  1. In the Form Builder, go to the Settings tab.
  2. Choose Emails.
  3. Click the Add Email button.
Add Email button in the Emails section of the Jotform Form Builder
  1. Choose and click Digest Emails from the list. This will redirect you to the Digest setup page.
Digest Email option in the Emails tab of the Jotform Form Builder

Setting up the Email and Date Settings of the Digest Emails

Regardless of which page you create the Digest Emails, you will be asked to set up the Email and Date Settings. In the Email Settings, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Subject — Enter the subject line of the Digest Email sent to you or the recipients you provide.
  • Recipients — If you are on the Starter plan, you can only add one recipient. You can add up to ten recipients if you are subscribed to any of our paid plans.
Email and Date Settings of the Digest Emails in Jotform

In the Date Settings, you can choose the following:

  • Repeats — Choose whether to send the Digest Emails on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis.
  • Send Date — Based on the chosen Repeats, you will have different options on this dropdown.
  • Send Time — Select the best time to send the Digest Emails.
  • Time Zone — You can also choose which timezone to send the Digest Emails. The timezone shown is based on your account timezone settings.

Customizing the Layout and Creating the Digest Emails

You’re now on the customize part. The three main pieces of information you’ll see are your number of submissions, a chart of selected fields, and submission details of selected fields.

Customize Email Digests screen in Jotform's Digest Emails settings

 If you want to add more forms, click the Add Forms button on the left. Check out How to Personalize Your Digest Emails to learn more about Digest Email settings. You can also send a Test Email to ensure everything works correctly.

If you’re ready to create the Digest Emails, click the Create Digest button in the customizer to do it. Finally, confirm it by clicking the Create Digest button in the modal.

Create Digest modal in the Digest Emails Settings in Jotform
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