How to Set up Digest Emails

August 17, 2023

Did you know you Jotform will send you emails summaries of your form submissions? Now with Digest Emails, you’ll be able to track and receive insights about your submissions in one email. Digest Emails were originally made as an integration, but now Jotform is making it a native feature.

Let’s check out the different ways you can access Digest Emails:

From the My Forms Page

1. When you’re in My Forms, open the dropdown menu and click My Reports.

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2. Click Create Report and click the Digest Emails tile.

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You can also check all the forms you want to create a Digest Email for and click Create New Digest at the top.

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3. Set up your email settings and click Next.

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Before we go to the next step, let’s talk about some of the email settings: 

  • You can send your Digest Emails up to ten people
  • But if you’re on the Starter plan, you can only send Digest Emails to one person.

4. Now you can select the forms you’d like to see in your Digest Email. Click Next when you’re done.

After clicking next, you’ll see a sample email. The three main pieces of information you’ll see are your number of submissions, chart of selected fields, and submission details of selected fields. If you want to reconfigure your settings after seeing the sample email, click the gear icon on the right. If you want to add more forms, click the Add Forms button on the left. Check out How to Personalize your Digest Emails to learn more about Digest Email settings.

You can also send a Test Email to make sure everything’s working right.

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5. After setting up everything to your liking, click Create Digest. You’ll see another window confirming your recipients, forms, and email frequency. If everything looks good, click Create Digest one more time. And you’re done!

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