How to Use Auto-Detect Fields in Jotform Sign

October 11, 2023

When you first upload your document to Jotform Sign, you’ll see a banner at the top asking if you would like the Sign Builder to automatically detect your document for potential fields. 

This is the auto-detect feature and it uses machine learning to scan your document for potential signing fields. Machine learning improves itself with each use, so the more you use auto-detect, the more precise it will get.  

Here’s how to use it: 

  1. When you upload a document to the Sign Builder, a banner will pop up at the top asking if you’d like to use the auto-detect feature.
Image of a newly uploaded document with a banner at the stop asking to automatically detect fields
  1. Click the green Detect Fields button, wait for the auto-detector to scan your document, and a banner will pop up asking if you’d like to keep the fields the auto-detector found. 
Image of a sample agreement in Sign Builder
  1. Click the green Keep All button to save those fields, or click Undo to discard them and add your own fields to your document.
Image of a sample agreement in Sign Builder

Streamline your document setup effortlessly with the precision of auto-detect, and propel your signing process forward today.

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