Free Online Quiz Maker

What’s the best way to create quizzes online? Jotform’s free quiz maker! Without doing any coding, you can easily build interactive, multiple-choice quizzes for your class — and even grade answers automatically. Put your students’ knowledge to the test with custom online quizzes or entertain your friends with trivia forms powered by Jotform.


Free Online Quiz Templates

Don’t have the time to create your online quiz from scratch? Just choose one of our classic form templates or make quizzes more fun with conversational readymade quiz templates to customize for your classroom. Whether you need spelling quizzes, pop quizzes, or trivia quizzes, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our selection of free templates.

Spelling Quiz

Template spelling-quiz
Template spelling-quiz

Geography Quiz

Template geography-quiz
Template geography-quiz

Friends Trivia

Template friends-trivia
Template friends-trivia


Instantly create online quizes

Make Your Quizzes Fun

Set up custom conditional logic to make your online quizzes more interactive. Show or hide form fields to create a custom quiz experience for each and every user, automatically grade answers to let students know how they did, or even integrate with 100+ platforms to instantly send quiz results to your other accounts.

Customize & Embed in Your Website

Add multiple-choice or free-response questions, change fonts and colors, upload images, and include quiz instructions to create a custom quiz for your classroom with our drag-and-drop quiz maker. You can then embed the form in your website in seconds. With our easy-to-use customization tools, your online quiz won’t just work great — it’ll look great, too.

Manage Your Data

Make the most of your feedback with our Form Analytics feature. View quiz or questionnaire responses and analyze data to reveal important insights about your customers or clients.

Build Your Own Mobile App

Turn your online quiz into a fully-featured mobile app. Jotform’s Quiz App Maker lets you add forms, links, widgets, and your branding into a custom no-code app that users can download and access from any device.


What our users say about Jotform

This is the best tool ever!!! When we were looking for a solution for online registrations, options that we saw involved spending thousands of dollars with no easy customization - it involved paying developers for their time! With Jotform, you can make changes yourself and don't need a whole lot of experience in developing or coding! Love it and will probably continue using it for many years to come!

Alissa Kline, Council Assistant, KLMCarpenters

FAQ for Quiz Maker

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How to Create an Online Quiz?

  • Open the Jotform Form Builder to start building your quiz.
  • Drag and drop to add single- or multiple-choice fields to your form.
  • Add your question at the top of each form field.
  • Include answer options below the question. You can add more options or include an “Other” text field.
  • Feel free to add text boxes for longer answers, file upload fields for essays, and more.
  • Embed the quiz in your website or share it with students using a link.
  • Collect quiz submissions instantly!

Why should I make a quiz?

Quizzes help teachers get a better understanding of how well their students are learning class material, and they motivate students to concentrate and participate in class. By holding quizzes online, teachers can encourage student learning without being in the classroom. Online quizzes not only help teachers save paper and ink, but also valuable time — Jotform makes it easy for teachers to create, conduct, and grade quizzes!

What types of quizzes are there?

There are many different types of quizzes. The important part is picking the type that works best for you. Some examples are

  • Employee training quizzes
  • Interview quizzes
  • Academic quizzes

How can teachers use Jotform to create quizzes?

Teachers can use Jotform’s easy-to-use Form Builder to create online quizzes without doing any coding. To get started, select whether to build a quiz from scratch or customize one of our ready-made quiz templates. Drag and drop your quiz questions into the form, upload images, change the fonts and colors, and set up conditional logic to create the perfect online quiz for your classroom. When you’re done, publish the quiz online by embedding it in your class website or email the form link to students — and start accepting submissions instantly! Learn more about creating online quizzes for your classroom.

How do I view quiz results?

To view your quiz submissions, go to My Forms and hover over your quiz. Click on the More dropdown menu and select View submissions to access quiz results from any device.

How do I create a multiple-choice quiz?

Our Form Builder offers two form fields to create multiple-choice quizzes: single choice and multiple choice. Single choice allows students to choose just one option from a list, whereas multiple choice lets students select more than one option.

Can I make fun quizzes for friends?

Of course! We even offer ready-made templates for trivia quizzes about popular TV shows. Check them out for ideas on how to make fun interactive quizzes. Just use the Form Builder to build your quiz, add fun quiz questions, and spice things up with images and GIFs. Send a quiz to friends or followers by embedding it on your blog, emailing the quiz link, or sharing it via social media.

Can I embed the quiz on my website?

Yes. To embed your quiz into your class website, simply copy your form’s unique embed code and paste it into your site’s HTML. Our Form Builder will also create embed codes specifically for third-party website builders like WordPress, Facebook, Weebly, Blogger, and more — just follow the instructions listed under the platform you choose.

Which integrations can I use for my quiz?

Jotform offers 100+ form integrations, and we’re always adding more! To automatically sync submissions to your other online accounts, you can integrate your form with Google Drive, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Box, Airtable, and more. All you have to do is select your app from our list of integrations, connect your account with Jotform, and match the form fields — you’ll automate your workflow and instantly receive submissions exactly where you want them.

Can I create a report using my quiz answers?

Yes, you can create free, professional reports using your quiz responses. To create a quiz report, simply go to your My Forms page, select a form, click the Reports menu, then Add New Report.