Top 10 Carrd alternatives in 2024

There was a time — maybe just 15 years ago — when you needed a computer if you wanted to access the internet. And there was a time — about 10 years ago — when it was almost unheard of to have a web presence without a website.

Now, most people use social media as their web presence. They may still have a website, but it’s not necessary. The only downside to this approach is that their presence is scattered across a variety of platforms.

Fortunately, there are tools that act as minimal websites to bring your whole web presence together in one central location. Carrd is one of the best of these tools, but it’s not the only one. Here are some of the best Carrd alternatives.

1. Linktree

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Linktree is the granddaddy of link list services. People often use it on Instagram, which only allows you to post a single link in your bio. In fact, it’s likely the most common service for providing a list of links to all your accounts, websites, or online stores.

The thing is that it just gives you a list of links. Carrd, on the other hand, actually gives you a few features to make it more like a mini-website.

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Taplink is closer to Carrd than Linktree in that it offers lots of website-style goodies like image galleries and social media icons. Taplink is more flexible in terms of design options.

3. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps offers a different kind of solution to the centralized web presence problem. Jotform lets you easily create an app that includes a list of links, forms, images, video, other design elements, and more.

But Jotform Apps sits on top of a host of business solutions that can make your app much more powerful than a link page service. You can use Jotform Apps for market research, sales, customer feedback, event management, and much more.

Pro Tip

Create an app that functions a shareable website or a downloadable mobile app. It’s free with Jotform Apps!


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This is another micro-website tool, but it does one especially cool thing to stand out. It lets you import content from your social media websites to display on your page.

That means that you can actually see a preview of several of your latest tweets or Instagram posts right in your bio. In other words, you can put Instagram inside your bio inside your Instagram — it’s turtles all the way down.

5. by Tailwind

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Tailwind is a social media marketing tool. It mostly works by letting you schedule your posts ahead of time. But it does have some other nice features, like is mostly a link list tool, like Linktree. There aren’t a lot of ways that it stands out, but it is “free forever,” according to their website. And if you’re already a Tailwind user, it’s a sweet extra.

6. Lnk.Bio

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Lnk.Bio boasts a clean, minimal design. Beyond that, it’s essentially just another linking service. But it does let you embed videos, which is nice.

7. Hypage

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Hypage is strongly focused on helping you monetize your web presence. You can use Hypage to take donations, create memberships, and sell goods. And it lets you do that without charging you transaction fees (although the payment processors you connect to may still charge you fees).

Beyond that, you have the expected links and can gather email signups, and there are a few other perks.

8. SleekBio by Appsumo

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AppSumo is a software listing service dedicated to helping people find the best software in various categories. They also occasionally create software, like SleekBio.

SleekBio lets you share links, embed video and audio, accept bookings, collect email signups, and more.

9. Flowpage by Flowcode

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Flowcode is a QR code generator that makes sharing links and other information easy.

So it makes sense that they created a link page tool: Flowpage. Flowpage doesn’t offer a lot over its competition, but it works well with Flowcode.

You can easily embed a Flowpage link in a Flowcode QR code. Then you can add a Flowcode to your Flowpage. Here come those turtles again.


Top 10 Carrd alternatives in 2024 Image-9 is kind of the hipster speakeasy of the link page world. They don’t tell you what makes them so special on their website.

You have to apply to use their software. So you don’t pick them — they pick you.

They do have some big-name clients, though, like DJ Steve Aoki and 50 Cent. So maybe there’s something interesting behind the velvet rope.

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