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All your questions about Jotform Digest Emails — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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  • What is Digest Emails?

    The Digest Emails feature is Jotform’s new automation that allows form owners to track and analyze their form submissions using periodic email summaries. Typically, digest emails are scheduled emails that are automatically generated by a digital platform to compile information on a recurring basis.

    Jotform’s digest emails include the number of form submissions in the most recent submission period, a chart displaying answers to form fields selected by the form owner, and submission details about those selected fields. This new native feature lets form owners gain insights about recent submissions quickly and efficiently — without the hassle of manual data consolidation.

  • Why should I use Digest Emails?

    If you don’t have time to check individual form submissions — or simply don’t want to receive emails for every submission — digest emails are the perfect way to streamline your workflow.

    Previously, Jotform offered a Daily Digest app that functioned as an integration, but the new native feature makes it easier to set up, customize, and manage user-friendly digest emails in your Jotform account.

    Jotform users who receive digest emails can easily track form submission activity in their most recent submission period and gain quick insights with emails that fit into their workflow. Digest emails offer seamless multiple-form support so that form owners can view all their submission information in one place. Additionally, when setting up their digest, users can select from three time periods: daily, weekly, and monthly, allowing them to choose the hour of the day, day of the week, and/or day of the month they want to receive emails.

  • What kind of information will I see in Digest Emails?

    Digest emails display the number of submissions in the previous submission period, a chart of the form owner’s selected fields, and submission details about those fields. With regular snapshots of this key information, you can save time and gain actionable insights on the go.

  • Where can I create Digest Emails?

    You can create digest emails through the My Reports page by simply clicking Create New Report in the top left and selecting Digest Emails. You can also access digest emails in the Emails menu in the Settings section of the Form Builder by clicking on Add email and selecting Digest Email. Last, you can create digest emails from the My Forms page. Select a form, click More on the far right, and select Create Digest Email.

  • Who can receive Digest Emails?

    You can specify the recipients of your digest emails while setting them up. Those on free plans can send digest emails to only one recipient, but up to 10 recipients are allowed on a paid plan. If you are an Enterprise user, you can add an unlimited number of recipients for your digest emails.

  • Is it possible to receive multiple form submissions in a Digest Email?

    Yes — Jotform is the only form software that offers multiple-form support, with email summaries of all your submissions across multiple forms. Just select the forms you want to include in your digest email.

  • Can I customize Digest Emails?

    Yes, this is one of the best perks of our new native digest emails feature! The digest has a default layout that you can adjust according to your preferences. Include or hide certain information, change the email subject line, and customize charts by selecting which form fields and submissions to show, changing the chart type, and more.

  • Why am I not seeing real-time data while creating Digest emails?

    When creating digest emails, you’re building the layout of the emails you will receive at scheduled intervals. At this time, you’ll see only placeholder information in your fields and charts because the information about the current digest period is still being collected.

  • Can I include a chart in Digest Emails?

    Yes, chart visualization is a key feature of digest emails. Charts are a useful way to gain quick insights on your form submissions, and if your form contains the right question type, at least one chart will be added by default. Don’t worry — you can customize the chart type and fields to your needs.

  • Which question types are suitable for digest email charts?

    The types of questions suitable for digest email charts are single-choice, multiple-choice, dropdown, star rating, and yes/no (for Card forms only).

  • Can I use Digest Emails feature as a HIPAA account owner?

    If you’re a HIPAA account owner, you can create digest emails to view the number of submissions to your forms, but you can’t receive submission charts for fields that contain PHI (Protected Health Information). This ensures that sensitive patient data stays protected and secure in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

  • Can I use the Digest Emails feature for encrypted forms?

    Yes, you can create digest emails for your encrypted forms. However, you can view only the number of submissions; charts and lists can’t be created for encrypted forms, which ensures that information submitted in these forms stays secure end to end.

  • Can I create Digest Emails in my Teams workspace?

    Yes, you can create digest emails in your Teams workspaces! This feature makes it easy for all members of your team to access submission information. You can move an existing digest email to a Teams workspace if you also move over the included forms.