Electronic Signature for Healthcare

Speed up your patient intake process and securely collect sensitive patient data with Jotform Sign. Create signable healthcare documents that match your practice’s branding — then share or embed them to gather patient signatures from any device.



Free Healthcare Templates

Not sure where to start? Choose one of Jotform’s free, ready-made healthcare templates to get started right away.

Medical Power of Attorney Form


Medical Consent Template


Patient Confidentiality Agreement



Automated Electronic Signature for Healthcare

Create Signable Healthcare Documents

With Jotform Sign, you can easily create custom documents for medical records release authorization, consent, power of attorney, and more. Drag and drop to customize without any coding.

Automate the Signature Process

When sharing your documents with others, you can set up a signing order that automatically requests signatures in a designated sequence. Once all parties have signed, a finalized PDF document will be immediately sent to your inbox for your records.

Add Multiple Signers

Need to include additional signers? Simply drag and drop to add as many signers as you need. You can even change the order in which signatures are received.

Make It HIPAA Compliant

Jotform makes it easy to add HIPAA compliance to your documents — so you can be sure sensitive patient data and e-signatures are kept safe.

Healthcare Use Cases

Discover how Jotform Sign can help power your medical practice’s workflow.

Patient Intake Consent Management

Streamline your new patient intake process with electronic documents that patients can fill out and sign either in your office or at home from any device.

Hiring & Onboarding Process

Make hiring and onboarding new employees quick and easy with signable digital documents that can be filled out anytime, anywhere.

Medical & Insurance Contract Management

Collect medical and insurance contracts and all necessary details — then store them securely in one central location.

Protected Health Information Management

Jotform offers HIPAA-compliant plan options to protect collected data and e-signatures in line with HIPAA requirements. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is automatically generated and sent to you once you upgrade to HIPAA compliance.