Electronic Signature for Procurement

Digitize paper-based procurement contracts and save time with Jotform’s automated e-signature solution. Create documents online and gather signatures on any device.


Free Procurement Templates

Not sure where to start? Explore our ready-made, fully customizable procurement document templates.

Operating Agreement Template

Template operating-agreement-template
Template operating-agreement-template

Commission Agreement

Template commission-agreement
Template commission-agreement

Manufacturing Agreement

Template manufacturing-agreement
Template manufacturing-agreement


Free E-Sign for Procurement Documents

Digitize Procurement Contracts

Turn your existing PDF forms into online documents in a few easy clicks. Clients, suppliers, or coworkers can then fill out and sign the documents on any device.

Automate Manual Processes

Save time by automating your procurement workflow. Add multiple approvers, set up an automated signing order, and instantly finalize documents once they’ve been filled out by all parties.

Decrease Risk in the Supply Chain

Lower the risk of error in your supply chain by automating your procurement process. And with Jotform Sign’s audit trail feature, you can keep track of when and where all of your documents are signed.

Share and Sign with Ease

Get your document in front of others by copying and pasting a link, sharing it via email, or embedding it in your website. Signers can then complete it from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Procurement Use Cases

Find out how your company can use Jotform Sign to streamline your procurement process.

Vendor Contracting and Management

Create your own legal agreements and contracts, or use Jotform’s template agreements,
upload them in Jotform Sign, and then collect signatures for them. Build out extensive contracts and easily email them to stakeholders.

RFx Processes

Fill out common procurement forms — like a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Bid (RFB), and Request for Information (RFI) — to get signed documents on any device.

Supply Chain Contract Operations

Automate each stage of your supply chain document signing process by sending out
documents and setting up a signing order. It’s a great way to reduce the risk of missing
signatures in your supply chain.

Subcontractor Management

Manage contracts and agreements for your subcontractors without the need for messy back-and-forth paperwork.

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