Electronic Signature for Insurance

Build online insurance documents that work for both you and your clients. As the insurance industry becomes more digitized, you need to go paperless and automate your processes. It’s time to adopt e-sign solutions with Jotform Sign so you can collect electronic signatures fast.



Insurance E-sign Templates

Need help getting started? No problem! Simply pick one of our ready-made insurance templates to begin. Then customize your documents to your liking and send them to your clients.

Insurance Waiver Template

Template insurance-waiver-template
Template insurance-waiver-template

Insurance Agreement Template

Template insurance-agreement-template
Template insurance-agreement-template

Car Accident Demand Letter

Template car-accident-demand-letter
Template car-accident-demand-letter


Free Insurance E-Signature Collector

Automated E-signature Experience

Keep things running as smoothly as possible for your insurance clients by automating the e-signing process. All they have to do is fill in the necessary fields and sign. Jotform Sign takes care of the rest.

Increase New Business Deals

Improve client satisfaction and boost your customer numbers by offering quick and professional insurance services. Not only can you create documents that are easy to use, but you can also offer customers a higher quality of service and a streamlined digital experience with Jotform Sign.

Enhance Productivity

Boost your entire company’s productivity levels with Jotform Sign. Add multiple collaborators, embed documents in your online employee portal, and set up automated workflows to keep the collaboration going.

Mobile-Friendly Signing

Your Jotform Sign insurance documents work seamlessly on any type of device — whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Make signing convenient for your customers and let them sign from anywhere, anytime.

Insurance Use Cases

Use Jotform Sign to collect signatures on accident reports, authorizations, disclosures, and more.

Medical Release Authorization

Get medical release authorization from your clients and their medical providers to use when filing insurance reports. You can also access HIPAA compliance features on your Jotform Sign account for even greater privacy protection.

Disclosure Management

Send insurance disclosures to your potential clients in a few easy clicks. Let buyers know what will be included in their plan, how much the annual fee is, and more vital information that might save them big down the line. Just create and customize a standard disclosure form and send it to any interested party.

Accident Reporting

File accident reports easily and get your clients the compensation or support they need quickly. Create a standardized accident report form that you can use over and over again for different clients and cases.

Loss Claim Process

Get your clients the correct insurance payouts by creating and signing total loss forms. Add fields for repair costs, car details, and more.