Electronic Signature for Construction

Explore Jotform’s seamless e-sign experience for your construction business. Automate your workflow to help more clients, speed up tasks, and easily process payments. Upgrade all parts of your construction business and simplify communication with clients, subcontractors, and others.



Free Construction E-sign Templates

Don’t know where to start? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Select one of our ready-made construction e-sign templates to get started. Customize it to make it you own, share it with your signers, and collect signatures fast.

Free Construction Contract Template

Template free-construction-contract-template
Template free-construction-contract-template

Construction Proposal Template

Template construction-proposal-template
Template construction-proposal-template

Subcontractor Agreement

Template subcontractor-agreement
Template subcontractor-agreement


Electronic Signature for Construction Industry

Save Time and Money

Go paperless to save both time and money for your construction business. Have your clients, employees, and stakeholders fill out documents on their mobile devices or desktops for quick and easy contract signing. Spend less time printing and sending documents and more time making deals and getting things done.

Automate Workflows

Streamline your e-sign processes with Jotform Sign. Automate your signing workflow to ensure that once all signatures are in, the documents is finalized and copies are sent to all signers.

E-Signable Document Generation

Create e-signable documents to keep all parts of your construction business running smoothly. Set terms for payments and deadlines with your own customized contracts.

Easy Subcontractor Onboarding

Make team onboarding simple and easy for your subcontractors with Jotform Sign. Send orientation forms, project sign-offs, and more. After each document has been signed, all parties receive a copy for their records.

Construction Use Cases

Use Jotform Sign for your construction company’s contracts, agreements, payment forms, and more.

Subcontractor Agreement Process

Create e-signable subcontractor agreements that work for all parties involved. Define project expectations, commission rates, and company policies.

Approval of Change Orders

If your clients or team decides to switch up parts of your projects or processes, approving changes is easy with Jotform Sign. Set up an automated workflow to approve the change order document once everyone has signed.

Construction Deal Procedures

Make deals that last with Jotform Sign. Build construction deal signature documents and collaborate easily with stakeholders and clients alike. Add images of blueprints and list your company terms and conditions in one centralized place.

Approval Collection

Gather all required approval signatures for your documents seamlessly. Say goodbye to the days of faxing and printing out documents, and say hello to the convenience of multiple document signers and an ordered chain of command for approvals.