Electronic Signature for Sales Teams

Automate your sales process to save time and close deals faster. With Jotform Sign, you and your team can instantly collect e-signatures on any device — perfect for boosting productivity and giving your clients a seamless contract-signing experience.



Free Sales Templates

Get a head start with ready-made templates you can customize using our drag-and-drop document builder.

Sales Agreement Template

Template sales-agreement-template
Template sales-agreement-template

Sales Representative Contract

Template sales-representative-contract
Template sales-representative-contract

Independent Contractor Sales Commission Agreement

Template independent-contractor-sales-commission-agreement
Template independent-contractor-sales-commission-agreement


Streamline the Sales Process

Collect Signatures on Any Device

Digitize your paperwork to save time and money. Jotform Sign lets you upload your existing PDF documents and send them to be filled out and signed on any computer or mobile device.

Collaborate with Your Team

Give your sales team a better way to collaborate. Add multiple signers, assign specific roles, and keep track of each document’s history to expertly manage your contracts online.

Automate Your Sales Workflow

When you invite people to sign your sales agreements, you can set up a signing order that automatically requests signatures in a specific sequence and finalizes the document once all parties have completed it.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Lower the risk of error by switching from manual data entry to an automated sales process. Enable automatic notifications, copy in additional recipients, or add an expiration date to your document.

Sales Use Cases

Discover how Jotform Sign can help you streamline your sales pipeline.

Contract Management

Make your contract signing process more efficient. You can collect, track, and manage signed documents with ease in an all-in-one online platform.

Administrative Document Management

Cut out messy paperwork and give your administrative team a better way to gather signed documents and organize them online.

Sales Cycle Management

Manage your sales cycle from beginning to end with our powerful automation features. Create digital contracts with automated approval flows to gather e-signatures and close deals fast.

Order Management

Jotform lets you collect orders, signatures, and payments — without the need for time-consuming back-and-forth emails or phone calls with clients.