Electronic Signature for Life Sciences

Spend less time on messy paperwork and more time researching new medicines and devices. With Jotform Sign, you can create error-free, e-signable documents that can be filled out anywhere, anytime. Oversee the signing process from one centralized place. Your entire team will benefit from increased productivity and improved collaboration.



Life Sciences E-sign Templates

Not sure where to start? No problem. We have plenty of ready-made templates to get you going. Simply pick one that aligns with your needs, customize it, and start collecting signatures.

Physician Independent Contractor Agreement

Template physician-independent-contractor-agreement
Template physician-independent-contractor-agreement

Patient Confidentiality Agreement

Template patient-confidentiality-agreement
Template patient-confidentiality-agreement


Free E-sign for Life Sciences Documents

All-in-One E-sign Builder

Build professional documents with Jotform Sign. Improve client and employee signing experiences by reducing paperwork. Our all-in-one builder allows you to send documents for signing, collect e-signatures, and oversee the entire process from start to finish.

Collaborate Smarter

Create a more collaborative workspace by using Jotform Sign. Add multiple signers to one e-sign document. Request signatures via email, or embed in your online portal for easy access. Add and assign team members to your document, and manage each part of the signing process.

Sign from Anywhere

Allow your employees, contractors, and stakeholders to sign their documents from any device. Make the signing process as seamless as possible for all parties involved — documents are available to sign on tablets, computers, and mobile devices.

Compliant and Secure

Protect important signatures and research information. Jotform automatically encrypts all of your data so you never have to worry about it being stolen.

Life Sciences Use Cases

Use Jotform Sign to create professional and efficient e-sign documents for every area of your company.

Physician Engagement

Take your hospital or research center’s physician engagement to the next level. Give them the tools they need for efficient document management with Jotform Sign.

Patient Experience Management

Assist patients in making informed decisions about their health with Jotform Sign. Prioritize patient care by switching from messy paper forms to quick e-sign documents, so doctors can spend more time directly caring for patients.

Clinic Documentation Process

Bring new drugs and devices to market easily with Jotform. Get official sign-offs on new products and send copies of signed documents to everyone immediately after all fields have been filled out and signed.

Consent Management

Create and customize an online consent form with our drag-and-drop builder, then share it with patients via email for them to fill out and e-sign from any device. Securely store and manage your signed consent forms from your Jotform Sign dashboard.