Electronic Signature for Small Business

Create e-sign documents for your small business that really work. Increase your productivity and upgrade your client agreements with Jotform Sign.



E-Sign Templates for Small Businesses

Not sure how to begin? Try one of our ready-made small business sign templates to get started. Drag and drop to customize your electronic signature document. Change fonts, colors, fields, and more.

Client Confidentiality Agreement

Template client-confidentiality-agreement
Template client-confidentiality-agreement

Purchase Agreement Template

Template purchase-agreement-template
Template purchase-agreement-template

Payment Consent Form

Template payment-consent-form
Template payment-consent-form


Free Small Business E-Signature Collector

Simple and Efficient E-Sign Process

Streamline your e-sign process with Jotform Sign. Create a digital document to be signed and send it to your clients or customers in just minutes. No more tiresome paper documents and handwritten signatures.

Improves Sales Cycles

Automate your signature process and streamline your sales cycles. With Jotform Sign’s speedy document creation and turnaround, you’ll collect signatures and move deals forward faster than ever.

Document Security

Ensure that electronic signatures for your small business are safe and secure. Jotform Sign offers industry-standard 256-bit SSL protection and secure document storage.

Seamless Contract Manager

Create professional contracts and better relationships with Jotform Sign. Manage contracts and signatures for clients, suppliers, employees, and more — right in your Jotform account.

Small Business Use Cases

Take your small business to the next level with Jotform Sign.

Sales Contract Management

Build more reliable sales contract processes with your partners and suppliers. Transform tedious tasks like contract creation and signing into automated processes to finalize sales faster.

Hiring Management

Hiring and onboarding new employees for your small business has never been easier. Create and
send new-hire agreements, and continue building a powerful team.

Client Agreement Process

Expand your range of clients with Jotform Sign. Create professional agreements to send to clients wherever they are in the world for quick e-signatures.

Procurement Agreement Process

Take the hassle out of procurement agreements and switch to Jotform Sign’s simple e-sign process. Simply contact your buyers, send them your online document for review, and collect procurement signatures — all from your Jotform account.

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