Electronic Signature for Communications

Seamlessly gather media release forms and consent forms for your communications and media company. Explore Jotform Sign’s automated e-signature experience today. Speed up media agreements and contract signing.



Communications and Media E-sign Templates

Don’t know how to start? No problem! Try one of our ready-made templates to get your creativity going. Then simply customize the document's design to match your branding and send it to your clients!

Social Media Policy Template

Template social-media-policy-template
Template social-media-policy-template

Client Confidentiality Agreement

Template client-confidentiality-agreement
Template client-confidentiality-agreement

Sponsorship Proposal Template

Template sponsorship-proposal-template
Template sponsorship-proposal-template


Free Signature Collector for Communications & Media

Build Documents Once, Send Multiple Times

Save time by building multiuse media forms you can use again and again. Add sign fields, customize to match your branding, and easily send to new clients or partners.

Automated Field Detection

Convert existing PDF forms into fillable online documents with Jotform Sign’s automated field detection function. Just import documents and Jotform Sign identifies fields and makes them fillable, so you don’t have to build documents from scratch.

Share or Embed

Jotform Sign makes it easy to reach any signer, no matter where in the world they live. Either share your document directly with your client via email or embed it in your website for easy access.

A Cost-effective Tool

Save time and money on printing and sending messy paper forms and upgrade to cost-effective e-sign documents. Not only are paperless forms great for the environment, you’ll also cut down on turnaround time for contracts and agreements.

Communications and Media Use Cases

Use Jotform Sign to create professional and efficient e-sign documents for all parts of your business.

B2B Sales Contract Management

Make deals seamlessly with vendors and partners using Jotform’s e-signable documents. Include terms and conditions, expectations, payment rates, and more.

Call and Care Center Operations

For businesses with call and care centers, make sure your employees are given the tools they need for success. With Jotform Sign, your call and care center employees can seamlessly update customer information, request signatures, and more.

New Client Agreement Process

Define the type of client relationships your business wants to have by building your own client contracts and customizing them to your liking. Include policies, cost, benefits, and more.

Partnership Agreement Process

Create partner agreements that work for all parties involved. Collaborate with others on wording of policies and terms and share with your signers quickly.

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