Electronic Signature for Human Resources

Create e-signable documents and gather employee signatures on any device. Automate remote or in-person employee hiring, onboarding, and offboarding with Jotform Sign to save time and be more efficient.



Free Human Resources Templates

Not sure where to start? Choose a ready-made template to start collecting signatures in minutes.

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Template employee-confidentiality-agreement
Template employee-confidentiality-agreement

Employee Remote Work Policy Template

Template employee-remote-work-policy-template
Template employee-remote-work-policy-template

Employee Resignation Template

Template employee-resignation-template
Template employee-resignation-template


Electronic Signature for Human Resources

Create signable documents fast

Make documents for your HR hiring process, performance evaluations, sensitive agreements, and so much more. Collect e-signatures with no messy paperwork.

Work with your team

Collaborate with other members of your HR department. Add multiple signers, set up custom signing orders, and track your department’s signing process with ease.

Get signatures on any device

Let employees sign your documents seamlessly no matter where they are. Whether they’re on their tablet, computer, or smartphone, Jotform Sign is compatible with all devices.

Keep information secure

Employee safety is your top priority, so use a platform that keeps their information secure. Jotform Sign protects data with industry-leading security features and compliance levels.

Human Resources Use Cases

Power up your HR department with these commonly used Jotform Sign use cases.

Recruitment Process

Speed up your hiring process with e-signatures. Instead of having potential employees print and sign documents by hand, they can e-sign documents on any device.

Onboarding Process

Automate your onboarding process by sending the necessary documents to new hires automatically — including employee contracts, agreements, waivers, and more.

Employee Management

Track and manage employee information in an all-in-one online platform. Create a secure online database that you and your team can easily access.

Offboarding Process

Make your company’s offboarding process as smooth as possible. Send offboarding documents to outgoing employees so they can sign them fast and leave with a good impression of your company.