Electronic Signatures for Accounting

Meet your clients’ legal, tax, and financial services needs with Jotform Sign. Create and e-sign documents securely on any device. Automate your accounting department’s document workflows to collect data and e-signatures more efficiently.



Free Accounting Templates

Get started in seconds with ready-made accounting document templates you can customize with our drag-and-drop builder.

Tax Deduction Letter

Template tax-deduction-letter
Template tax-deduction-letter

Budget Proposal

Template budget-proposal
Template budget-proposal

Financial Power of Attorney Form

Template financial-power-of-attorney-form
Template financial-power-of-attorney-form


Free E-Sign for Accounting Documents

Create Documents Fast

Drag and drop elements to make custom e-sign documents that perfectly match your financial services company’s needs and branding.

Streamline Your Workflow

Improve the document-filling experience with less paperwork. Let clients or colleagues sign documents from any device — such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Track Signatures with Ease

Set up roles, add multiple signers, automate your signing order, and track the entire signing process with Jotform Sign’s powerful automation features.

Keep Information Protected

Stay GDPR, CCPA, and PCI compliant. Jotform protects all collected data with industry-leading security features — so you can rest assured your documents are safe and secure.

Accounting Use Cases

Discover how your accounting department can use Jotform Sign to automate document workflows.

Handling Confidentiality Agreements

Gather e-signable confidentiality agreements from clients or coworkers without the need for messy paperwork.

Employment Contract Management

Onboard employees seamlessly by having them sign their employee contracts on any device.

Power of Attorney Document Management

Clients can grant you power of attorney by signing power of attorney agreements from their computer, tablet, or smartphone in a few clicks.

Asset Procurement and Purchasing

Keep track of the assets your clients have purchased with automated online asset purchase agreements.