Electronic Signature for Legal Documents

Create professional legal documents and collect e-signatures all in one place with Jotform Sign. Collect signatures for litigations, transactions, agreements, or internal operations. Build documents from scratch or choose one of our ready-made templates to get started.



Free Legal Electronic Signature Templates

Don’t know where to begin? Pick from one of Jotform’s many ready-made legal sign templates to start. Use our drag-and-drop builder to customize your document to your liking. Add additional signature fields, change fonts and colors, create automated workflows, and more.

Release of Liability Form

Template release-of-liability-form
Template release-of-liability-form

Detailed Medical Consent Template

Template detailed-medical-consent-template
Template detailed-medical-consent-template

Financial Power of Attorney Form

Template financial-power-of-attorney-form
Template financial-power-of-attorney-form


Free E-Sign for Legal Documents

Electronic Signature to Save Time

Expedite your legal firm’s signature process with Jotform Sign’s seamless e-signature collection. Save time on document approval by creating an automated workflow to instantly approve documents.

Reach More Clients

Communicate and collaborate with more clients than ever before with Jotform Sign. Gather all required signatures in one easy-to-use document — no matter where clients are located.

Resolve Contract Management Issues

Easily store information on NDAs, settlements, notices, pleadings, depositions, and more in one place. Maintain an organized, central record of all documents and signatures — eliminating the need for paper documents.

Keep Data Secure

Ensure that your electronic signatures for legal documents are safe and secure. Jotform Sign offers industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption and GDPR compliance — the best protection for your law firm’s important data.

Legal Use Cases

Jotform Sign helps your firm reach agreements and collect legally binding signatures faster.

Contract Management

Create legal agreements and contracts in Jotform Sign, then collect signatures for them. Build out extensive contracts and easily email them to stakeholders.

Litigation and Settlement

Jotform Sign makes it easy to collaborate with your team on important documents. Write, review, and send drafts of litigation documents and settlements.

Notice and Pleading Processes

Upgrade your notices and pleadings processes with Jotform Sign. Streamline document creation and review.

Intellectual Property Management

Approve depositions and file patents and trademarks seamlessly with Jotform Sign. Create an approval workflow to ensure that your documents are being seen and approved by the right parties, in the right order.