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Discover how you can generate more value to your business by using our easy-to-implement API.

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Learn what you can do with Jotform’s easy to use API

The Jotform API is written for Jotform users and 3rd party developers who would like to serve Jotform users. You can connect any other service to Jotform and make it an integral part of your workflow with Jotform’s easy to use API.

Create Custom Widgets & Apps
You can create a widget from scratch or modify an existing widget to create a new widget by using our API.
Populate Fields
A script that creates urls to prepopulate your forms with your desired values. Implemented with JavaScript.
Download Data’s Uploaded Files
Download your submissions' uploaded files, attachments directly to your computer, implemented with Ruby.
Combine Data From Different Forms
Combine Submissions from different forms into one .csv file. Implemented with JavaScript and PHP.
Answer Comparator
This script compares the current form entries to those that have already been submitted. Implemented with JavaScript and PHP.
Jotform Views
Allowing multiple users to access to the company account with single sign-on.
Import Submissions
This script imports data from .CSV and Excel files and submits them to Jotform via the API. Implemented with JS and PHP.

Check out our API guide for details and many more examples.