How to Add a Calendar View in Jotform Tables

February 22, 2021

If you have an appointment form, an event registration form, an RSVP form, or a booking form, the Calendar view in Jotform Tables will come in handy. 

The Calendar view provides you with a visual calendar display that includes the appointments booked through your form. Each appointment will be listed on the appropriate date and time, and will be labeled with the name of the form respondent. 

The information updates in real time, so you’re always working with the latest data. Calendar view is easy to navigate and gives you a dynamic way to add new appointments. 

How do you add a Calendar view in Jotform Tables? It’s easy! Let’s start.

1. In Jotform Tables, click the Add Tab button.

2. Choose the Calendar view and click the Next button.

3. Choose the Connect to Form option and click the Next button.

4. Search for and select your current form from the list, and then click the Create button.

5. The Calendar view is now created for you. 

The full month view is the default display. There are two more Calendar view display options: Day and Week

If you select the Day option, only the entries made for today’s date will be visible. You can, however, navigate to other days by clicking the blue arrow icons. 

If you select the Week option, the entries will be filtered by week, showing a full seven days of entries:

Each appointment is displayed under the name of the submitter from the appointment form. The date is also based on the first appointment/date field from the form. If you need to change any of the information, open the settings and choose the appropriate fields.

Click the settings icon (with the three vertical dots) beside the tab name, and then click the View settings option. 

Alternatively, you can open the settings by clicking the Settings button and then the View Settings option: 

Select the field or date, and click the Update button.

Clicking the name of the submitter will open a quick view of the appointment. The display will show the title and date, formatted as specified in the settings. Click the small blue arrow icon to open the full entry.

In the full display of the submission, you can print, download, or manage the submission by clicking the More button.

On the left side of the Calendar view, you can find the Calendar and Events tabs. 

The Calendar tab allows you to quickly navigate to each month of the year and view appointments for that month. Use the scrollbar to navigate to each month. 

In the Events tab, you can see a list of appointments for the active month in the Calendar view. You can also filter out entries according to whether or not they include an appointment date: Events without Date, Events with Date, and All Events

Events without Date will show submissions that don’t include a date answer selection in the appointment field. This may happen if your appointment field isn’t required. 

If the submitter contacts you to set their appointment date, you can drag and drop their entry to the specific date block in the calendar instead of editing their submission. 

Events with Date displays entries that have appointment dates. All Events displays every event, regardless of whether the submission includes a date. 

Clicking the name of the submitter under the Events tab will also open the full view of the submission. 

Did we mention you can dynamically add appointments in the calendar without viewing and submitting your form? That’s right! Just select and double-click the date where you want to add the appointment. Here’s a quick GIF that shows how this works.

Alternatively, click the date where you want to add the appointment, and then click the Add New button at the bottom right side of the calendar:

Add the details of the appointment by double-clicking the fields. Tap the Enter key on your keyboard to save. 

Close the window by clicking the X button. This will also save the entry. 

That sums up everything for the Calendar view. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through one of the support channels below. 

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