How to View and Restore Changes Made in Your Jotform Tables with Revision History

December 2, 2021

The revision history in Jotform Tables makes it possible for you to view changes made to your form submissions or the different views created in Jotform Tables. The changes include editing data on a specific cell, deleting an entry, moving and freezing columns, adding and deleting a specific view, etc. 

To view the revisions, click the Last submission received indicator just below the form title in Jotform Tables:


Alternatively, click the arrow beside the form title, and then click the Revision history option:


The left side of the Revision history window is a list of revisions grouped into specific times. On the top, next to the list of revisions is the indicator of how many revisions have been saved under the chosen time frame as well as the username of the person who made the change.

Clicking each group highlights all the revisions under that time frame as shown in the following screenshot:

Click the arrow next to each group to display the list of revisions. Here’s a quick GIF of viewing revisions: 

Here are few examples of how each revision will appear when you click on it.

Edited a cell

The cell that was edited will be highlighted, in this case, the name in the Name column in row 2.

Here’s another example of “Edited a cell” where the selected answer to the single-choice question in column 1, row 1 changed. This cell will be highlighted:

Column edited

In this case, the Name column was frozen:

Tab created

The “Website Inquiry Form” tab was created in the example below, it’s a Cards view:

Entry deleted

Restore Revision

If you want to reverse a revision, select the revision, and then click the Restore button at the top right corner of Jotform Tables:

A confirmation message will appear in a popup. Click the Restore this version button if you want to proceed. Otherwise, click the Cancel button.

All restorations are also logged in the revision history. 

If you have questions, suggestions, or issues with the revision history in Jotform Tables, please contact us through one of our support channels below.

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