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Imagine being able to include and present Visual Reports of form responses on your website. Now, imagine the Visual Reports automatically update with each new form submission. The Embed feature of Jotform’s Report Builder offers an easy way to embed reports on your website or content platforms like Medium or WordPress without any coding. Being able to embed customizable Visual Reports that update as more submissions are received is one of the best free features anyone can get from an online form builder.

Enabling the Embed Feature of the Visual Report

When the Visual Report’s Access Settings is set as Private Report or Company Access, the embed feature of the Visual Report is disabled and the Embed tab of the Publish Report will show a message that the report “is private” or “has Company Access”, respectively. Click the Go to Settings button under the Embed tab to change the Access Settings.


On the Publish Report Settings, select Public Report under Access Settings and go back to the Embed tab of the Publish Report.


Ways to Embed the Visual Report

Embed Code

Under the Embed tab of the Publish Report modal, copy the Embed Code that you can use to embed your form to your website by clicking the Copy Code button.


Here’s an example.

Try submitting the embedded form below the embedded Visual Report on the sample website. You will see the Visual Report updates when the page reloads after.

Also, under the Embed tab of the Publish Report modal pop-up, you can copy the WordPress & Medium Link by clicking the Copy Link button if you would like to post the Visual Report you created on WordPress or Medium.


You will need the Jotform oEmbed plugin to embed the Visual Report using the link on WordPress.

For Medium, you just need to paste the copied link in your story, press Enter, and it will display the Visual Report automatically.

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