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Webhook PHP Script Examples

Webhook PHP Script Examples

If you're already familiar with JotForm Webhook, here are example scripts that you may want to try.

Note: Make sure to update the field names on these scripts with the field names from your form. 

1. Instant Email Notification - Get instant email notification using your email sending server

Sample Email Result:

2. SMS Notification - Send SMS after form submission using your SMS Provider's API.

3. Form to MySQL - Send form data to your MySQL Database

Demo: (check thank you page details to view the result)

4. Bounce Notifier - Get notified when submission failed to be sent into your recipient email.

Note: Replace the FROM and TO emails as well as your JotForm API Key in the code.

Important: This code requires PHP Client Library from the JotForm API page (or you can download it here). Place the JotForm.php file within the same folder containing your bounce notifier php file.

We will post more examples from time to time. If you have any suggestions or if you need help with Webhook, feel free to post it below.

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  • rahulmeethbrother

    I want to receive data in python script API instead of php, How can I?

  • clrobinson1965

    I found the dropbox intergration.

  • clrobinson1965

    How can I receive submission into my Dropbox account?

  • developer_independencebrothers

    Why is it not hitting endpoint created with google script web app?

  • hjian6957

    Is it possible to customize the jotform?

  • ACSIntake


    I am trying to use a webhook to have a submission received to an email address in plain text. The reason for the plain text is because then the email is connected with our database and only accepts plain text. I have followed the instructions on a webhook but have not any clue how to proceed.

    Please advise, thank you

  • Glenn

    I was trying to figure out how to send submissions to my MySQL database via webhook, and I finally got it working with your code. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • lplatz

    Referencing "Form to MySQL - Send form data to your MySQL Database". I'd like to post the data from my form to more that one table. Is that possible?

  • mackayc

    I can get the SID to write to my DB but can't get any other values.

    Perhaps I'm using the wrong field names????

    This is what I have in my php file:
    $name = $mysqli->real_escape_string($obj['name']);
    $email = $mysqli->real_escape_string($obj['emailaddress']);
    $store = $mysqli->real_escape_string($obj['store']);

    This is what my post looks like after I submit:
    [submission_id] => 443529909937xxxxxxx
    [formID] => 9230547xxxxxx
    [ip] => x.x.x.x (I removed the ip for this post)
    [emailaddress] =>
    [store] => Antioch
    [name] => mackay

  • artskill

    Thanks, This is working great for me so far.

  • ashishmalviya73

    Not able to integrate my jotform with webhooks. please guide.

  • hardikmansaraa

    I setup webhook url in my account.
    I am getting event in webhook after form submit. But not getting form submitted detail in response.
    Can you share me your testing response data?


    your test website is down - unable to see submissions

  • MerrillGardner

    Hello, I am trying to connect a Microsoft Flow to a Jotform form of mine, but the Flow creation is not triggering the webhook link connection. Are there any instances of webhooks not being able to connect to certain forms? Unsure why it isnt connecting properly.

  • nanaluz

    Is there a way to send this to a Netsuite account to create a lead record?

  • Sylvester007


    1) Is there a way of sending a copy of the form via email to 3-4 different parties if we know their email address in advance?

    2) Can you ask a respondent if they would like us to email them a copy of the form (if we get their email address)


  • KathyZenios

    Can I send an update to a form in Asana from Jot form via webhooks?

  • konicki

    Can I post data collected on a form to another form? For example, I would like to collect data (travel authorization, air fare, lodging, meals, etc.) on form1 and then post it to form2 (budget approval) and form3 (department approval)?

  • Neel kamal


  • edgarsm

    When using the SMS sample script in my php file.

    When replacing the info on the script, what do I use when it asks
    //Replace your authentication key & credentials
    $authKey = "YourAuthKey";
    $senderId = "102234";
    $route = "default";


    Where do I come up with this information?

  • malik112

    How to send post data using webhook?

  • Atbam

    Seems Good will try it