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Beautify Your Form Using JotForm's Built-in Fonts

Beautify Your Form Using JotForm's Built-in Fonts

The JotForm Form Designer has served well to the users since it was released. One of its dazzling core feature that is most frequently used is the ability to apply custom fonts to the form from the built-in fonts or via CSS Inject. The built-in fonts have been filled with lots of optimized fonts from Google Fonts.

Using the form designer, here's how to apply custom fonts to your forms.

Step 1 - While in the Form Builder, click Form Designer:

Step 2 - Click the Styles tab.

Step 3 - On the Font dropdown, select the font from the list:

Step 4 - Scroll down and click the Save button. You're good to go after that.

See how it looks like on the live form:

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  • SortHvid

    Hi Jotform

    Thank you for this very useful guide. I am having a few issues, though:

    - When I embed the form on my page, it has a sort of shadow frame around it which I would like to remove to make it blend in completely with the background - is that possible?

    - Underneath the form the jotform URL appears - is there a way to hide it? It doesn't appear in the example from your link

    I hope you have a great solution :-)


  • CBNRiskManagement

    Im trying to change the font colour in the selection drop down box as it currently shows as white against a white background and therefore can been seen. Same occurs in the input background field. Can you please help with the font coding

  • jkbrassiere

    After I click in Form Designer, I only see palettes, themes and custom. And all these options only allow me changing the colour. Is there anywhere I can click for font and other style change? Thanks.