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Change Thank You Page URL Based on a Condition

Change Thank You Page URL Based on a Condition

If you want to redirect users to another web page based on their answers on a form, you can do it with "Change Thank You URL" conditional logic.  Here's how you set this up in the form builder.

a. Click SETTINGS at the top.

b. Click on CONDITIONS, select CHANGE THANK YOU PAGE > then proceed to STEP C below.

c. Simply setup your conditional "Rule" ("IF" statements), select what form fields or inputs will the condition be triggered. After that, setup your "Actions" ("DO" statements), choose "Redirect to URL after submission". Here's an example:

d. Now enter the URL to where you want the user to be redirected after submission.

e. Save the form changes and that's it.

Here's a demo form: 

If you have any questions about this method, please let us know by posting a comment below or by posting a question to our support forum.

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  • aviyer2000


    I am trying to create this sort of a checkout that my competitor has on my page using this jotform My website is hosted on shopify.
    In addition, I wanted the thank you page to go to the Shopify checkout page. What is the URL that I would direct the DO condition - in the Thank you page.

  • Eyqaa Lee

    Hi, I have a question/ situation to figure out.

    Let's say, I use JotForm as my registration page.
    Which is, after visitors sign up/ sign in they will be directed to another actual link to access.
    Can I change this form after 2 months?
    Where I want visitors to pay first, then they will get the external link?
    Is it possible to do that?

    #Sorry if you didn't understand what I mean. Feel free to ask me to make it clear if you are confused with my question.
    Thank you.

  • NZRS

    I've created a form
    If I select Yes under "Add Another" field it should allow me to add another record within same form.
    How I can do this?
    I want to create multiple records within same form.

  • adiladee7

    Hi can you help with my form?
    Last questions should have conditions but it didnt work.


    I am trying to set up a form to accept payment from credit card through Square or to pay by check. I cannot seem to figure out how to get it to allow users to pay by check without filling in the credit card info.

    Here is my form.

  • monti.united.experts

    Thank you for the response
    but if you could help me on creating the main page that has links so the client can choose which form he wants to fill buy just click on the image which has the link to the form he chose just like when we click on an item on any shopping website

    Thank you guys you're really doing a great job we all appreciate your hard work

  • naturecoastmedia

    I have 5 different possible thank you pages to which the user will be directed based upon their answers. Is there a heirchy for conditions, in other words is there a way to make sure that certain conditions that may be repeated in a different set of conditions can take precedence?

  • kar0898

    Is there a way to open the Redirected URL in a new page after submission?

  • anbegaye1


    I have created a first form and want to link to several main forms, depending on the conditions that the user inputs. I also want the user to be able to save and access their designated main form over the course of several weeks, and finally submit the main form at the end of our program. I did the steps for the "deprecated: how to save forms and continue method", but now I want to set conditions so the user will get their unique link based on their choice/selected option in the auto-response email and have access to it. Is this possible?


  • Aneesa California

    I have several ebooks for sale via an order form, I’ve attached a download link using a condition which comes up via the thank you message after submission, but how can I do this so there are several links on one thank you message if people purchase more than one ebook. At the moment people can only access the links by making separate orders of each item.

  • Miyosha Gray

    I am trying to redirect my customers to my checkout page on my website to complete their order. I have Shopify but there’s nothing there stating where to import the amount from the form to my website checkout page.

  • dominic.baum

    Hey there, this is a nice feature. But I've another question. How is it possible to pre fill out the redirected form (JotForm too), to input the submitted fields? We use it e.g.

    in the main form to ask whether the driver made an accident with our car. If he click on yes, we use the redirection via conditional logic to redirect to an special accident formular what was created with JotForm too.

    Most of the information we collect in the first form: e.g. driver name, license plate, ... now I will pre fill this infos via redirect to the second (accident report) form. How is it possible?

    Thanks for your help!

  • dclngo

    Hi, re 'Change Thank You Page URL Based on a Condition,' can I:

    1. setup my "Actions" ("DO" statements) to send URL in an email (instead of redirecting to an URL) after submission
    2. setup my conditional "Rule" ("IF" statements) to use inputs provided by the taker as condition for the IF statement. For example, IF Option1 THEN Email FormPassword1 and FormURL1, and IF Option2 THEN Email FormPassword2 and FormURL2.

    If so, how?


  • jimedington

    We're using this with webhooks. Works great.

  • Powell_Mark

    Thanks! It works great.

  • LuziaRodrigues

    Não está dando certo o direcionamento da url. Como posso fazer?

  • danielfowler

    Comments don't seem to get much response, but I was wondering if it's possible to use one of the form values in the redirect URL?

    e.g. redirect to:{forWhat}

  • Mark Komula

    Your demo form is over quota.


    J'ai réussi à configurer deux conditions différentes pour envoyer vers deux url différentes après remerciement en fonction de l'entrée "adresse mail" de mon formulaire, mais rien y fait, dans les deux cas la redirection s'effectue vers le même site.

  • Warsan saalax xuseen

    Thank you for your helpn

  • Harmony123

    I am trying to customize my Thank You page, however there is no Thank You page listed on the left bar when I go to Settings.

    Please let me know how I can get this to show up so I can then customize it.
    Thank you!

  • goberol

    I faced the same issue when trying to redirect to a custom page upon condition.
    I solved this postfixing the url with .html.

    The former brings me a blank page, the latter the right page. ;-)
    Looks like the specified url here are note handled the same way as the others (no rewriting)

  • cafetheory

    Hello, I have tried to set this up numerous time and my submission returns a blank page. I have embedded this code onto a Wix webpage per your instructions, the form comes up and operates correctly other than redirecting me to the desired URL.

  • teamfightingfit

    This doesn't work for me and it still goes to a thank you page. My form is here

  • ecoroi

    Can the conditional form have a background that is an image?

    Would love to see some examples of conditional forms in action. Thanks!

  • holmster

    I've tried to redirect to an other form using the Thank you page, but it directs to a blank page.

  • FondazioneStepanZavrel

    ho il mio modulo e quando faccio per pubblicarlo il link non va .. come mai ? cosa devo fare?

  • SRWproducts

    Is there a limit on how many Change Thank You page URL conditions we can have?

  • Oxigenios

    Its possible make conditional bigger than or smaller than ( < > ) ?

  • SunbridgeInstitute

    It seems as though the instructions on this page are outdated. The "Conditions" no longer show the "change thank you URL" but rather it says "change thank you page." The new way is much better, but it's probably best to update your instructions.

  • SunbridgeInstitute

    The demo form provided at the end of this help post seems to be blank.

  • littlehand

    Hello Jotform I want both thank you page and redirect page within span of some time. Please help me and send me reply to venkataramana@bhavyatechnologies,com. It's very urgent.
    Thank You JotForm

  • ErinKopec

    Is it possible to add in a PDF instead of a URL?