How to Have Unique Question Using Multiple Fields

Added: May 29, 2016

JotForm already have a cool feature that will allow collecting deduplicated data base on a unique question answer.

User guide: How to set Form Limits Based on a Unique Question

But what if the unique data requires multiple combination of answers and not base only on a single question/field?
The unique question feature allows only one unique question for a unique answer. So you cannot use the same feature only.

This guide will show you how to have a unique data that is based on multiple questions/fields on the form.

Demo form :

In the demo form, the unique data is a combination of the E-mail ID and Position code.

Here are the steps on how to create unique question using multiple fields:

1. Decide which of at least 2 or more fields will constitute the unique question data on the form. 
In the demo form, the unique question is the combination of E-mail ID and Position code.

2. Add a Textbox field on the form. 
In the demo form, the Textbox was named Unique Code. The unique code question can be hidden also to hide the unique data generated.

unique submission

3. Add Condition logic on the form using the Update/Calculate field rule.

unique submission

4. Create the calculation formula by copying the values of the selected fields into the Textbox field (Unique Code).
Make sure the summary is set to the Textbox field.

User guide: How to Peform Calculation on the Form

unique submission

5. Save the Calcuation condition.

6. Go to Setup & Embed / Preferences / Advanced  and set Unique Question to Unique Code field.

unique submission

7. Save the Preferences settings.
8. Save the form and test.
9. Finish.

In the demo form, the unique data can have duplicate E-mail ID or Position code, but not a combination of both. 

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can we add multiple unique questions?

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