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How to Redirect Form Respondents to an External Link in JotForm Cards?

How to Redirect Form Respondents to an External Link in JotForm Cards?

Sometimes, there is no need to show the Thank You page to your form respondents for certain forms, but you need to redirect them to another web page or another form. In this case, you can redirect your users to a URL instead of the Thank You page in JotForm Cards.
If you are want to use this feature, simply follow the instructions given below:

1) Scroll down until the end of your form and click on "EDIT THANK YOU PAGE".

2) Select "Redirect to an external link" option.

3) Provide the webpage URL that you would like the form respondent to be redirected to.

And that's it! Just test your form and see the result.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below.

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  • prospectdave

    How long does this typically take to take effect? I did this 1-2 hours ago and when I fill out the form it's still showing the thank you page, not a redirect.

  • Futr Online Solutions

    Hi Team

    I'm looking to create a form where the "submit" button directs to a different external link dependant on the way the form was completed - eg. a form is essentially a quick quiz that determines whether the respondant needs to book a Physio appointment or book into a Pilates Class.

    The Physio booking link will be different to the Pilates booking link.

    Is this possible?

    Sam @ Futr Online