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Card Forms: How to Utilize the Multiline Question

Card Forms: How to Utilize the Multiline Question

When JotForm Cards was launched, a lot of users started to ask how to have multiple questions in a single card. As you may remember, we designed Cards Layout to display only one question per card.  But sometimes, it's necessary to ask multiple questions at once, so we designed the MULTI-LINE QUESTION field.  

As its name indicates, multiple questions can be added into a single card. Keep in mind that there is a limit in the number of fields that you may add. As of now, only 5 form fields are supported:

🔘 Textbox Field

🔘 Email Field

🔘 Number Field

🔘 Dropdown Field

🔘 Phone Field

To add the MULTI-LINE QUESTION field to your form, just click the ADD FORM ELEMENT button > scroll down to the QUICK ELEMENTS section until you find the field > then drag it to your form. Click the GEAR icon to open the properties window.

Once you have the properties window open, click the ADD A FORM ELEMENT button and add the field(s) you wish to add.

A few reminders when using this field:

1. Like any other widget or field (in Classic Layout) that lets you add multiple inputs, the MULTI-LINE QUESTION should always be treated as a single field. This means that it shows as a single field on your SUBMISSIONS PAGE, and the data appears in a single column when exported to Excel and other reports.

2. The fields within the MULTI-LINE QUESTION can not be used with calculations. Although a normal DROPDOWN field offers CALCULATION VALUES (more info about calculation values here), the DROPDOWN field within the MULTI-LINE QUESTION doesn't.

3. The fields in the MULTI-LINE QUESTION don't have the same properties as their corresponding fields. For example, while the normal email field comes with features like Disallow Free Addresses, Allow Specific Domains, Confirmation Text Boxes, etc., the email field within the MULTI-LINE QUESTION won't have these options. So, consider this fact when building your form.

If you need more features for the fields you're asking, it's better to use the normal fields outside the MULTI-LINE QUESTION. This field can be better utilized if you will be asking multiple questions that are related to each other.

For example, you can use this field to ask for the respondents first name, last name, company, and phone number all at once, so it goes like this:

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  • mofcommunication

    I'm thinking, especially for surveys, a great thing would be to have a type of rating/Likert scale followed by a text box for the respondent to elaborate on why they choose that rating.

    I know you could do this on separate cards but from my experience in sending out and participating in surveys, you get better responses if those 2 things can be on the same page/card.

    So are there plans to expand the purpose/usability of the multiline question?

  • gungahlincollege

    Would love to see the ability to add an image to a multi-line or even a single line question. Particularly when using a snapshot image of, say, a serial number label showing where a requested detail can be found by the submitter.

  • jaredshand

    This is really limiting that you can't add more field options.

  • essexcompass

    Hello, The Multi-Line question doesn't seem to be in the add form element area. Has it been withdrawn? Or am I just not seeing it please? Thank you.

  • karimendoza

    Why limit the number of options available? I have a pet form card that I'd like to keep all together, but need more than the allowed options. This breaks it up and does not keep everything in one neat area. Would be best if can be all grouped together, is this possible some other way?