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How to Change Email Subject or Make It Dynamic

How to Change Email Subject or Make It Dynamic

Sometimes you may want to change the email subject of received form emails. You can easily do this with our emails editor.

To customize the email subject of the email notifications or autoresponders:

Open your form in the editor. Click on the Settings, click on the Emails, then hover over the email alert and click on a Pencil (Edit) icon.

- Change the Email Subject and click on the Save button.

Depending on your email client, the emails with static subjects might be grouped in one thread. If you would like to receive each email as a separate entity, simply include at least one of the field {answers} to the email subject. This way you will get the dynamic email subject. 

To do this, click on a Pencil icon located on the right side of the Email Subject line to include the {answers}. In the next animation, we are adding {form_title}, {name}, and {id} values to the Email Subject.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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  • lostnmissing

    How can I receive my email submission (of the form completed) without your green shading? I almost wouldn't mind receiving it in plain text via email ONLY. Is there a way I can custom that?