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How to Use Mailchimp Tags

How to Use Mailchimp Tags

Tags are small pieces of information, similar to labels, which you can add to your contacts to easily organize and bring structure to your list.

JotForm provides two different ways to apply tags to contacts created through a form submission—static and dynamic.

Static Tagging

Static tagging is as straightforward as it sounds. You simply select the tags to apply to all contacts created through your form.

Note: You can create tags for your list only through the Mailchimp list dashboard.

Dynamic Tagging

Dynamic tagging allows you to apply tags to a contact depending on the data they submitted to your form.

The tags will be pulled from a field on your form. If the value produced by the selected field does not match an existing tag on your list, the tag will be created automatically.

Dynamic tag fields can be a drop down, check box, radio, textbox (short entry), or textarea (long entry). Amongst these fields, however, only checkboxes can produce multiple values. Thus, checkboxes are most recommended if you want to apply multiple tags to your contact.

However, it is also possible to pull multiple tags from other field types. That can be achieved by separating the field’s value with a comma. Continue reading to learn how to achieve this.

Advanced Tagging with Conditional Logic

With JotForm’s conditional logic, tagging can be a lot more powerful.

In the following (simple) example, let’s say we are hosting a dinner event, and we want to ask the user their food preference and if they have any food allergies or not.

We add a textbox to the form and add the other two questions (food preference and allergy). We will hide the textbox afterwards.

Then we add conditions to fill the textbox with the appropriate tags.

When the conditions are met, the (hidden) text box field will be populated with the appropriate tag values.

In this case, the tags would be “Raw Food” and “No Allergies”.

Voila! The correct tags were applied to our new contact.

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  • Carver_Casey

    The images are missing; When I try to open them in a different tab I get a 403 error. Is this information listed somewhere else? I would like to use conditional logic to add tags to Mailchimp, but without the images, I do not know the conditional logic to use. Thank you.

  • Ramya Priya Lakamana

    Automatically add tags when using embedded signup form?
    Can you provide the step by step procedure

  • AlexWinfield

    Going to set this up later this week, but just so I'm clear on instructions...
    Step 1 - Create the form
    Step 2 - Insert a radio button, checkbox, etc element and name it Tags (hide it if desired and populate this element using static or dynamic methods mentioned above)
    Step 3 - Add Mailchimp Integration to the form

    Then tags will magically be attached to new contacts in MailChimp?

  • djokela

    The dynamic tagging works properly when the creating a new contact within Mailchimp, but the tags do not get added properly when the contact already existed in my Mailchimp list. It did update the user's name and other fields, but tags were not added. Please explain how to correct this problem. Thank you.