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Making your forms accessible to company members only

Making your forms accessible to company members only

When assigning a form through a link, you can ensure that your employees are the only ones who can fill it out by restricting access to only your company’s email domain. Someone who doesn't have an email address from the domain you select won't be able to view or fill out the form. They can request access from you. 

To enable this feature

1. Go to the Publish tab.

2. Click Assign Form in the menu on the left.

3. Click the Settings link.

4. Select Company Access and fill in the email domain field.

With JotForm Enterprise, you can enable single sign-on to maintain tighter control over your forms.

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  • qcadmin719

    Hi, Is it possible to capture the email address used to sing in into form?

  • Ezmi Carrizales

    How can I find out which staff member emailed a form to a client without giving the employee permission to edit my forms? Can I include an email to each staff member when their specific client returns a submission so that the staff member is notified as well?

    Ezmi Carrizales, Parent Education Facilitator IV
    BCFS Health and Human Services - Harlingen
    Community Services Division – HIP Program (Helping Through Intervention & Prevention)
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    office (956) 230-3849 |
    direct 3558 | cell (956) 367-4291
    corporate website

  • jayboog12968

    Hello I have a question I have 3 forms from Jot form and I would like to know can all 3 forms be assigned as one instead of being separate to a company in a email domain?