How to integrate Jotform with Zendesk

April 7, 2020

Zendesk is CRM software that helps businesses build better customer relationships. With Jotform’s free Zendesk integration, you can automatically turn form submissions into new tickets in Zendesk – perfect for tackling support requests, orders, or customer feedback with your team.

Use this integration to

– Collect customer requests, orders, and more through your website

– Automatically turn form submissions into Zendesk support tickets

– Work with your team to process requests

To get started, simply create a custom online contact form or support request form, and embed it in your website. After linking your Jotform and Zendesk accounts with this free integration, all form submissions will instantly be sent to your Zendesk account.

Follow these easy steps to set up the Zendesk integration:

1. Go to Settings panel in the top navigation, and then select Integrations on the left side of the page. You can find the Zendesk integration with a simple search.

2. If you want to connect a new Zendesk account, type your Zendesk subdomain and click on the Authenticate button. Then enter the credentials for your Zendesk account. If your Zendesk account has already been connected, select that account via the dropdown.

* If you want to use a different account, click on Use Another Account, and then enter the credentials for that account.

3. Once you’ve selected your Zendesk account, add a ticket subject and description. You can either type in the ticket subject and description or select an option from the form fields using the pen icon.

4. Map the fields on your Zendesk account to fields on your form.

* While setting Status, Type and Priority, you can either select predefined options in Zendesk or match them to the appropriate form fields.

– The options for Status are Open, Pending and Solved. (If you don’t choose one of them, the default status will be New.)

– The options for Type are Question, Incident, Problem and Task.

– The options for Priority are Low, Normal, High and Urgent.

PS – For these types of Zendesk fields, options/answers in form fields should be the same with options in Zendesk account (as mentioned above) to transfer data correctly. So please make sure that the answers you’ll get for status, type, or priority will be equal with options above.

5. Select the Zendesk group you want to use via the dropdown.

6. Select the tags you want to use via the dropdown.

* Tags will be fetched both from Zendesk and the fields (dropdown, multiple choice, single choice) on your form, and then added to each new submission. If a tag doesn’t exist in your Zendesk account, it will be created with your custom options.

7. If you want to send your uploaded files to Zendesk, please select Attach uploaded files.

8. Click Save to complete the integration.

And that’s it! Your form data will be sent to Zendesk every time someone submits your form.

Have you given it a try? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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