How to Change the App Name and Icon

November 16, 2021

With Jotform Apps, you can customize the your app’s name and icon. You can style your app with a custom image or by choosing from among the hundreds of available icon sets and colors.

In the App Builder, go to Settings and click the App Name & Icon tab on the left.

Jotform App - App Name & Icon

Change the App Name to your preferred name. Note that the App Name is the text shown on the user’s device below the app icon if they add your app to their device’s home screen.

Click the Edit Icon link to open the App Icon Properties and change the app icon.

Jotform App - App Icon

The Icon tab is the default tab displayed. Here, you can change the Icon Color Style and Select Icon from a set of predefined options. You can navigate to different icon sets to select an icon for your app (figure 1) or search for an icon (figure 2).

Jotform App - Icon Sets and Search Icon

Note that the Icon Color can only be changed on black and white icon sets. You can set the Background Color on all icon sets, but not on a Custom Image icon.

Here’s an example of a black and white icon with a different icon color and a background color applied.

Jotform App - Black&White Icons

Here’s an example of a color icon with a custom background color.

Jotform App - Colored Icons

If you want to use a custom image for the icon, navigate to the Image tab. Here, you can upload an image, select an existing image, or enter a URL.

Jotform App - Image Icon

Once you’ve uploaded and selected your image, you will automatically see it in the preview. Again, you can’t change the icon or background colors on a custom image icon.

Jotform App - Image Icon Preview
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