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Caring is loving. If not the ultimate description for charities, it is one of the factors why these non-profit organizations exist in every community. They play a vital role in uplifting the living of the marginalized sector of our society. They give a great importance how life should be lived. Charities changed how life is supposed to be like. They are everywhere and they give hope to many people on how to get their lives back on track.

Charities help in lots of different ways, like providing direct help, giving information, or raising awareness of an issue. Lots of charities do a mix of these things, and just like businesses, charities come in all shapes and sizes.

In Jotform, we give discounts to non-profits like you. That's how we help your cause and any other causes which uses Jotform as one of their primary tool to deliver their services to the beneficiaries of their organization. In relation to that, we have these charity PDF templates that are free and organized to help you in your day-to-day operations. From request templates to consent forms to donation forms - we have them prepared in a standard format and a design that you can personalize with your form data. These PDFs can be blended with your organization's colors or branding.

Online forms and PDF templates for charity are a critical component of successful non-profits operations, handling event registration, registering volunteers, and even collecting donations. We, at Jotform, have created this tool to bridge this gap and address the needs for charities, especially to the paperwork process.

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NonProfit Donation Consent

Consent Agreement

One of the most beautiful and valuable things in life is to share with real needers. Making donations to non-profit welfare societies is maybe the best way to reach needers more than one. On the other hand, collecting donations for your non-profit can be the difference between achieving your mission or shutting your doors. At these times, a donation consent document is one of the critical processes that need to be obtained before accepting recurring donations.This donation consent PDF template will take the data you collect and turn it into a simple document you can provide to the donor as alliance or warrant.

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Emcee Page

Event Planning

Spirit of Georgia Pageants Emcee Page

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