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Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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best contact form

Best Contact Form Design Award Goes To...

Announcing the winners of the Web Form Design Awards is well underway, and we’ve already dished out prizes to the winners of the Best Mobile Form and Best Survey Form. Next up: Best Contact Form. 

Contact forms are the most ubiquitous form type on the web, and for good reason. They are universal and essential to all websites. A huge bulk of our submissions were in this category, but our judges were able to select one that stood out above the rest.

Without any further ado, we’d like to congratulate Andrey Berestovoy as the winner of Best Contact Form, who takes home $500 along with many prizes from our sponsors.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of the winner of the Best E-Commerce Form, Sponsored by PayPal!


  • EltonCris


  • Welvin

    Congratulations! Well done!

  • val


  • pattystours

    So glad this one was chosen! My personal favorite!!

    AWESOME design and use of the available tools.

    Waking Girl

  • mikeatrhino

    How'd you make that?!?!
    Teach me!

  • jonathan

    so cool! I am using it.

  • widgets

    This is one of my favorite contact forms. COngrats!! :D

  • Jeanette

    Yeah! a beautiful contact form.

  • gtriay

    Very nice!!!

  • Ammeg

    Awesome! Well deserved win!

  • TitusN

    Indeed - Well deserved - :-)


  • aquades

    Thank you very much for your kind words and feedback, special thanks to the organizers and the jury! I really hope that our form will not stop and that it will fight for the main prize ;)

  • pierreirani

    Congrats visually appealing to the max:)

  • sen85ya

    Это очень красиво!

  • meenaonline


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