How a family-owned jewelry business modernized operations with Jotform

How a family-owned jewelry business modernized operations with Jotform

In the competitive world of jewelry retail, precision and attention to detail are paramount — both in the jewelry itself and in the many operational steps that eventually place high-value merchandise into the hands of buyers.

Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry, a family-owned Bay Area legacy business that has been around for more than 40 years, understands this all too well. Specializing in engagement rings and fine jewelry, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry became a recognized name not only for its exquisite craftsmanship but also for its contributions to San Francisco’s history and identity.

Of course, a lot has changed since Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry opened in 1983. The world has gone digital, and increasing competition from online retailers has compelled Yadav to depart from pen and paper processes and innovate to keep up with the times. But digitally scaling an operation with a reputation that relies on precision, timing, and accuracy is no easy task.

Picture of the Yadav family in their family-owned business, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry
Yadav, which opened in San Francisco in 1983, is family owned and operated.
Image of Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry's rings and jewelry
The company sells a variety of engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

After months of searching, the company found Jotform.

“The moment we started using Jotform, everybody was on board instantly — and nobody wanted to go back,” says Edan Yachdav, who manages sales and operations. “Everything was surprisingly easy to use, and that was a big thing.”

As is often the case with new users, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry started its Jotform journey with a single form — an order form on its website that captured customer information like name, contact details, address, and (of course) order selection.

Image of an Order Form displayed in an IPad
Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry’s journey with Jotform began as a simple order form.
Image of an Order Form that Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry use with conditional logic properties
Staff implemented conditional logic to create a more dynamic experience and seamless customer interaction.

Staff added conditional logic so the form would dynamically update based on whatever item the customer selected (since certain items require different inputs from the customer), creating a smooth user experience. The end result provided a professional and fully customized PDF form, confirming each customer’s unique order.

“We process hundreds of orders a month, and Jotform makes that very seamless,” says Yachdav.

The order form worked so well that Yachdav began expanding the way he implemented Jotform into the workflow, such as for scheduling appointments. Another key piece was using Jotform’s integration to track orders after they had been placed, allowing the team to monitor progress and ensure timely delivery.

Image of a PDF Yadav Jewelry and Diamonds uses for getting orders
Image of a printed PDF Yadav Jewelry and Diamonds uses for getting orders
Yadav Jewelry and Diamonds uses Jotform to produce professional and fully customized PDFs to confirm each customer’s unique order.

This is only scratching the surface for Yachdav, however, who continues exploring other ways to use Jotform, including a service order form to schedule repairs, resizing, cleaning, and additional maintenance.

And he’s not the only one invested in discovering what Jotform has to offer. Various departments have suggested new features to enhance their workflow — a result of Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry’s continuous internal feedback and improvement processes.

“Everybody was giving me suggestions [about Jotform], from accounting, from the sales team, from operations . . . . They’re like, ‘Hey, here’s a feature we’ve always wanted that we can have. Can you add that on there?’ and it was instant.”

Image of Edan Yachdav with a customer
Edan Yachdav with a customer. Fun fact: Jotform’s very own video producer, Adam, actually bought his engagement ring there!

Ultimately, this employee collaboration and buy-in with Jotform has helped Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry become more productive as a workplace — empowering staff to focus less on administrative tasks and more on customers.

“Jotform has solved the problem of efficiency and unifying everybody,” says Yachdav. “We work more as a team now; everyone can work together on orders instead of things being separated.”

We’re thrilled to see businesses like Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry leveraging Jotform to better serve their customers. If you have a similar story to share, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Elliott is the VP of Marketing at Jotform, and is a firm believer in empowering individuals and organizations through the endlessly adaptable capabilities of online forms. He holds a master’s degree in business and was a collegiate tennis player in a past life. When he’s not spreading the word about Jotform, you can find him doing something active outside (or on the couch playing video games). You can reach Elliott through his contact form.

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