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Finding the Perfect Podo Sticker

We’re busy bees here at the JotForm headquarters. But this week’s task has been especially challenging: determining the perfect Podo sticker to order for office and users. We recently ordered small batches from our friends at Sticker Mule and wanted to find out which ones were right for us to order in large quantities.

Our original process for finding out was rigorously scientific. We took an equal pile of each sticker and placed them in the common area in our office building with a hand written sign that read “Free Stickers!”

Hours went by, and only three stickers had been taken. Something needed to be changed. So after lunch we swapped out the sign to one that read “Please take a sticker :)” and they started flying off the table.

Like I said, scientific.

Here’s a tally of the votes from throughout the day. The clear winner was “Techie Podo” -- the version of Podo with hip jeans and a hoodie, carrying an expensive laptop.

Which one do you like the best? 
Leave a comment and we'll let you choose a sticker to have mailed to your doorstep!


  • LongwoodRCL

    Logo bottom

  • ConnoisseurMedia

    Logo Bottom Podo is the best. My coworker agrees! We discussed the merits of each one at length.


    Logo side

  • skiven

    Wizard Podo. He would look perfect looking over my shoulder reviewing all my forms before I press the magical "Publish" button.

  • wsisme

    Logo Bottom Podo

  • hwright

    techie podo

  • Amarco

    Wizard Podo is brilliant.....

  • cindydangerjones

    Techie Podo :)

  • Amarco

    I like the Wizard one its got magic just like JotForm lol

  • ueltje

    Techie Podo!

  • Imadene

    Techie Podo!

  • GSCoMoServiceUnit

    Most definitely techie podo. :)

  • lisanorwood

    Logo side.

  • Randy25M

    Techie Podo!

  • papamike

    The bottom right logo

  • Jijo

    Techie Podo. :)

  • devtux


  • sseigler11

    I like the one on the bottom left.

  • davidcohen

    Podo in the cloud

  • veronafiere

    Techie Podo :)

  • lab52maps

    Logo Bottom Podo!

  • deakintezet

    Zen Podo :)

  • elizabeth.jarman

    Techie Podo, he is soooooo cute

  • Blaick

    All of them.
    Thanks for the little story ;-)

  • CELforms

    Wizard Podo for then win

  • hatzbs

    Logo side Podo

  • Santoshk

    Techie Podo

  • smmullins

    Techie podo! and Zen Podo!

  • stevedup

    Techie Podo :) its flows

  • mrotjan

    Techie Podo is good.

  • karencardarelli

    Zen Podo!

  • TonyP1

    Gotta admit, Techie Podo is pretty cool. But I like the beard on Zen Podo! Techie Podo with a beard!! :-)

  • fusionbible

    techie podo!

  • UltimatoFilipe

    Techie Podo

  • lmckinzie

    Wizard podo!

  • casavolunteer

    Wizard Podo

  • KyleB

    Techie Podo!

  • ravinduramesh

    Wizard podo and Techie podo

  • christianagost

    Techie Podo.

  • danieleckert

    Zen Podo!

  • UWAHousing

    Zen Podo, although Techie Podo is pretty cool too.

  • kamel79

    techie podo

  • garciadona

    I think Logo side Podo is cute :)

  • wrstaff

    Logo side podo. Techie poo is second vote.

  • trowland

    Zen Podo.

  • holaciudad

    Logo side Podo & Techie podo

  • FNSW_JotForm

    round big eyed podo!

  • vyasap

    Zen Podo :D

  • postcodebook

    Zen Podo :)

  • NikiGower

    Cool :)

    Although I think they are all pretty cool, the three stylised ones - wizard, thechi and Zen (my personal favourite) - wouldn't be a safe bet for a bulk order.

    I would say from a branding perspective, go with one of the two Logo Podos.

    My recommendation is Logo Side - i like the offbeat symmetry of it - alot more aesthetically appealing than logo bottom, in my opinion.


  • swhitw

    Zen Podo!

  • opencrm

    Techie Podo, definitely.

  • mflanagan

    Techie Podo

  • GSEMmarketing

    Logo side podo!



  • jerryburkhart

    nerd logo :-)

  • prosourceit

    Wizard Podo for sure

  • Missy_Gillis_NSEC

    Logo Bottom Podo

  • struelove

    Zen Podo!

  • hilakeville

    I really like Yoda Podo myself! Cool designs!

  • MattHanley314

    I like that wizard one for sure!

  • standon391

    Logo bottom podo!
    techie one is too mainstream now, everyone its going that way! be different!

  • scottishgroupcompanies

    Wizard podo is my favorite, but I would put all of these on my laptop!

  • NGHS

    JotForm is amazing! Thanks for the Podo stickers!

  • crystalkiss

    Wizard Podo!

  • Amanda L Jacks

    zen podo

  • Thallz

    Legalll :)

  • prestonw

    all of them

  • mgnaforms

    they are all great. My favorite is Techie Podo.

  • cobaltblue87

    Like the one on the Cloud :)

  • eabrash

    My favorite is the "logo side" Podo. But they are all super cute! I love the kitty!

  • adminaic

    techie podo

  • DCWDaniel

    Wizard Podo

  • teachlearngrow

    logo side pogo

  • kijt

    techie podo

  • Helen UK

    Zen Podo

  • christinwoods

    Logo bottom :)

  • mortarboard

    Logo side or logo bottom Podo! Reminds us of one of our staff's cats.

  • wtsdacounsel

    Wizard Podo is awesome!

  • clarkschool

    Love the yoga dude!

  • Ben

    Stickers are all well and good, but a 'save progress' function that actually works would be cherished much more.

  • ectechnology

    bottom right zen podo, love it!

  • sodadearborn

    Logo side Podo

  • rvolkmann

    Logo Side Podo. They're all terrific, though.

  • meowkat

    Wizard or Zen podo!!

  • colebroberg

    I love techie podo!

  • webgigantic

    I like Zen! It goes well with JF's zen-like, stress-free, easy-to-use philosophy.

  • AaronHat

    i love techie podo

  • DFSCab

    I'm liking the Wizard Podo the bestest..

  • argentobelfast

    Zen Podo!

  • sobiad

    Jotform Geek(Techie) Podo is absolutely best!

  • yogossip

    Techie Podo!

  • designerchica1109

    Zen Podo!

  • Samantha Poklemba

    Zen Podo!!

  • travelcenter

    All the Podos! :D

  • matrixxpictures

    ALL of them. So hard to choose. But how about the laptop/glasses Podo with the Jotform logo on his laptop as a sticker. A sticker within a sticker.

  • couragerenewal

    the zen wizard podo floating gloriously on a cloud of wisdom

  • ooab

    I like "C" :)

  • StevenOPhotography

    ZEN Podo is adorable!!!!

  • mai2may

    Techie Podo

  • minlaw

    Techie is my fave

  • DawnArdito

    Zen Podo

  • stanzfoodservice

    Zen Podo!

  • aptusfinancial

    Love the sweet kicks but digging wizard podo!

  • koekoeh

    So cute! Can we have some?

    Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia :)

  • Thamsanqa

    Hi there please send me some of those stickers

  • ipcbrasil

    Wizard Podo!

  • seanbiz

    Techie Podo so cute :)

  • kolbert

    Techie Podo for sure. I would like a life-size standup of him. Can I get one?

  • shericontino

    Techie Podo is my favorite

  • Ovadialr

    Techie Podo is totes adorbs. :)

  • SRWproducts

    Logo bottom! Cool!

  • Renegade brewing company

    I like the zen sticker the best! It's because jot form gets me organized so I can reach my happy place.

  • 360sdm

    Zen podo! Jotform lets me be a wizard of forms.

  • wheatoncollege


  • gceit

    Definitely logo bottom

  • AltaMarketing

    Zen Podo!

  • allanthales

    Techie Podo!

  • Janette


  • Clayton

    Zen Podo!

  • dbasque

    Techie Podo, sure!

  • Fiexaminer

    Techie Podo definitely

  • Jayne25

    Wizard nPodo

  • Daniel Gagnon

    Wizard Podo

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