Tips for hiring a brand ambassador

As consumers rely more and more on influencers and word of mouth to make their purchasing decisions, brand ambassadors have become central components of marketing strategies across all industries.

There are many reasons why partnering with brand ambassadors is so effective for promoting your business and reaching your audience. In short, brand ambassadors can help your business

  • Organically grow your social media presence
  • Produce valuable marketing content automatically through their channels
  • Develop greater awareness of your brand with their followers and network
  • Strengthen your brand image and reputation
  • Reach niche audiences directly

When building a team of brand ambassadors, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you’re finding the best and most relevant people to entrust with strengthening your brand.

Read on for the best tips on finding your next brand ambassador.

1. Focus your search

Figuring out who would best represent your business can be as easy as looking through your product reviews and picking out the most frequent users who give the highest ratings. Or it can be as complicated as conducting customized surveys of your audience segments across different platforms. Both strategies can help you find great potential partners — it all depends on what you’re looking for and what your business needs.

Work with your marketing and sales teams to develop a strategy for achieving your goals. What do you want out of this partnership? How can you define and quantify what it means to meet these goals so it’s easy for you and your brand ambassadors to track progress?

Defining your “why” is an important preliminary step — think of it as entering your destination in your maps app before you start driving.

2. Find and get to know your niche

When creating your brand ambassador marketing strategy, identifying your market niche is just the first step.

A brand ambassador strategy is all about reaching your audience on a personal level. Who’s using your product, and how did they find out about you? And more important, who keeps coming back to learn more and spread the news about your brand?

Conducting a brand survey is a great way to get to know the community around your brand and how they’re finding you. If you’re looking to create a stronger social media presence, gauge where your brand already has some buzz and where it has potential. Find out where the audiences you’re trying to reach spend time online, so you can pick the most influential figures in those areas.

3. Find out their “why”

Now that you know your goals and you’re surveying potential brand ambassadors, getting to know their goals helps you define your partnership and what you can do for each other.

There are different types of brand ambassadors — from influencers to affiliates to customer referral program partners — so it’s important to understand how your partnership can support their different goals. For example, if one of your influencer partners aspires to network with other content creators and brands, you could foster those relationships while incentivizing them to work as a brand representative.

When you’re building any kind of team, it’s important to understand what you and your partners need in order to achieve your goals. Get to know your potential brand ambassadors by figuring out what brings them to your brand and, in turn, what they can do for you.

4. Have a straightforward onboarding process

It’s crucial to have a straightforward onboarding process so your potential brand ambassadors can get started with spreading the news about your brand! As mentioned above, having a brand survey on your site is a great way to get acquainted with your market and audience, and it can help you pick out potential partners to reach out to.

Jotform makes the next onboarding step easy with our brand ambassador contract templates that you can customize with your brand logo and aesthetic. Building your team can be as easy as sending a form link and getting the responses back. You can also automatically track responses using Jotform Tables.

Having a brand ambassador marketing strategy is an almost sure way of boosting your business and getting the word out about your brand. Check out our blog for more tips on marketing and branding strategies.

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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