Jotform vs Wufoo: Which is best?

Jotform and Wufoo are two of the oldest form-creation tools. They both came out in 2006 with similar feature sets. Let’s take a look at how they’ve matured and the paths they’ve taken over the past 15 years.

Jotform has grown well beyond its roots as a form tool and offers the most features of any similar product. It has every feature that every other form tool has, with few exceptions. Jotform accomplishes this with widgets. Jotform’s widgets are custom form elements that can be created by anyone in the Jotform community.

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Jotform also has the most templates, largely because anyone can create and share their own templates. It also has more useful, custom integrations than any other form tool out there.

Wufoo came out around the same time as Jotform. It would have been interesting to see how Wufoo might have evolved on its own, but the company was bought in 2011 by Momentive, the makers of SurveyMonkey.

It feels like Wufoo hasn’t been actively worked on for a long time. Younger products will often include silly stuff that happy developers added for fun. As businesses age, they tend to phase out the silly stuff to appeal to a more corporate audience.

For example, Mailchimp used to have funny, ape-themed videos on their dashboard. Those are, sadly, long gone. Wufoo still has a lot of that silly stuff in place, making it look like the company never grew up. On top of that, the form builder has an early web 2.0 feel.

That’s not to say that Wufoo isn’t a great tool in its own right, though. It’s a solid app with all the basics you’d expect from a form builder. It also has several advanced features, like payment processing, integrations, and file uploads.

And the slightly dated design still works well enough. The interface is clean, easy to use, and easy to learn.


According to the software review site G2, Wufoo has 4.2 stars from almost 300 reviews. Jotform, on the other hand, has 4.7 stars from more than 600 reviews.

In G2’s list of ratings, Jotform beats out Wufoo in every category. Jotform is especially far ahead of Wufoo in the “Product Direction” category, another indication that it may be seen as somewhat dated.

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At first glance, it may seem that Wufoo has many more integrations than Jotform. Yet all but eight of Wufoo’s integrations are Zapier connections.

Technically speaking, if your app works with Zapier, then yes, you do have access to thousands of integrations. But all those connections are handled through Zapier’s one central portal. Connecting through Zapier often means more work when trying to access advanced features.

Jotform, on the other hand, has over 150 custom-designed integrations, including Zapier, IFTTT, and Make (Formerly Integromat). Plus, developers can create new ones to connect to their own apps.


Jotform lets anyone use any of its core features with its free plan. Wufoo lets you use all but the most advanced features for free. Jotform plans are mainly usage-based while Wufoo charges for features and usage.

Free plans

Jotform’s free plan lets you create up to five forms and accept 100 submissions. It also grants you 100 MB of free storage.

Wufoo lets you create five forms and accept 100 submissions too, but those forms can only include five fields each. Wufoo also doesn’t provide any free storage.

Paid plans

Jotform’s least expensive paid plan that gives you every core feature costs $34 per month. Getting access to every Wufoo feature costs $39 per month.

Jotform also offers extra tools that Wufoo doesn’t, including an Airtable alternative called Tables, a PDF Editor, an approvals manager, and much more.

When you evaluate these two services based on pricing, features, and custom integrations, Jotform is the better solution of the two.

This article is originally published on Apr 12, 2022, and updated on Mar 16, 2023.
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