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Medical Insurance Application

Template 92174633921963
Template 92174633921963

Business Payment Form

Template paypal-business-payment-form
Template paypal-business-payment-form

Restaurant Evaluation Form

Template restaurant-evaluation-survey
Template restaurant-evaluation-survey


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Eliminate messy paper forms, back-and-forth emails, and time-consuming phone calls by collecting data with digital forms. Customize a template using our drag-and-drop digital form creator, embed the form in your website or share it with a link, and start collecting data, e-signatures, file uploads, and payments instantly!

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Once you’ve collected information through your forms, view it in Jotform Inbox or automatically convert it into a personalized, professional PDF document that’s easy to download, share, or print for your records. Go paperless with Jotform!


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I've been using Jotform for about 5 years. At first to create basic web forms (e.g. contact us). As Jotform expanded its offerings it gave me an opportunity to create more sophisticated forms for both our front face website clients and our back end administrative processes. Jotform innovation and outstanding customer support afford me opportunities to develop more efficient and effective environments for our supervisors allowing them to focus on what matters most - teaching and clinical supervision of our students.

Kay Kazinski, Information Technology and Website Services, Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Jotform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What are digital forms?

A digital form refers to any form that is used to collect and process data electronically. Digital forms are designed to mimic traditional paper forms that gather information from users, except these digitized versions allow for more efficient data processing, storage, and retrieval.

Digital forms include web-based forms, fillable PDFs, and mobile forms app. They can include everything a traditional form would have — such as checkboxes, dropdown menus, rating questions, and open text boxes — to collect a variety of data.

How do digital forms differ from traditional paper forms?

The main difference between digital forms and traditional paper forms is that digital forms are electronic and can be accessed and completed on various devices, such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. This makes digital forms more widely accessible than paper forms, which need to be printed and filed manually.

Digital forms can help streamline data collection and eliminate the need for manual data entry, which can result in human error. Paper forms, on the other hand, require time-consuming processing that makes it difficult to analyze form submissions as a whole. Not only do digital forms cut down on the time and materials needed to collect information, but they can also be accessed from anywhere.

What are the benefits of using digital forms?

There are many advantages to using digital forms! For starters, digital forms are more efficient than traditional paper forms because they eliminate the need for manual data entry; they can be filled out, submitted, and automatically routed to the appropriate recipients instantly, which reduces errors and saves time. Digital forms are also more accessible, because users can access them from anywhere that has an internet connection instead of having to pick them up and fill them out in person. Because they’re already digital, these forms are easy to validate, analyze, and integrate with existing workflows. Lastly, digital forms don’t contribute to paper consumption, so their environmental impact is relatively low.

What types of information can be collected using digital forms?

Digital forms can be used to collect any type of information you need. They’re great for collecting contact and personal information, financial details, consent, preferences and interests, research data, medical history, and more! Digital forms can also be used to accept payments, signatures, files, and images with ease.

How can I create my own digital forms?

With Jotform, creating a digital form doesn’t require any coding. Simply navigate to our library of form templates and choose one that works best for you, or start from scratch in the Form Builder. When you’re done customizing the form to include your own questions, branding, and other information, you can send it out via email, link, or QR code. Then start collecting responses instantly!

Are digital forms more secure than paper forms?

In general, digital forms are more secure than paper forms because they are subject to more advanced security measures. Encryption techniques and access controls can protect digital form data that’s transmitted over networks. No such encryption techniques are available for paper forms, so they are only as protected as the physical locations they are stored in.

Digital form data is also much easier to back up and store so that if there’s an emergency, the data is not lost. Digital forms are also much easier to copy and reuse. They have data integrity measures that make sure data isn’t tampered with, and compliance regulations go the extra mile to protect sensitive information.

While digital forms are still vulnerable to security risks, tools like Jotform provide robust digital security measures and comply with strict data privacy regulations to keep information safe.

Can digital forms be integrated with other software or systems?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of digital forms is that they can easily integrate with software and systems to save you from grunt work. It’s possible to integrate your digital forms with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, databases, document management systems, workflow automation systems, payment gateways, reporting tools, and third-party APIs. These integrations can help securely and seamlessly transfer your digital form data for better overall productivity and efficiency.

What is the process for filling out a digital form?

Filling out a digital form is simple. When a user receives an email or a link to the form, all they need to do is open it on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can read instructions and fill it out at their convenience, then click submit. That’s it!

Can digital forms be accessed and completed on mobile devices?

Digital forms can absolutely be accessed and completed on mobile devices. In fact, this is a very popular choice for many people because it’s so convenient. These forms can be filled out on mobile form apps as well as mobile-optimized websites.

What are some common use cases for digital forms?

Digital forms are commonly used for orders, bookings, registrations, surveys, RSVPs, signups, and appointments — and the list goes on! Digital forms are great tools for feedback, onboarding, client intake, sales, and customer support. No matter what your industry or end goal, there is a digital form for you.

How do I store and manage the data collected through digital forms?

You can store and manage your digital form data manually or by integrating with your existing software and systems. With our 100-plus integrations, Jotform makes this process easy, so you don’t have to have any coding experience to connect with other tools you use. When a user submits a digital form, their response will be sent straight to other programs you’ve integrated with, so you can access, store, and analyze data immediately.

Can digital forms be customized to fit the specific needs of my organization?

Yes! Customizing your digital forms is easy with Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder. You can add or edit form fields, adjust fonts and colors, drop in logos and images, and much more. Plus, once you’re finished, you can reuse and repurpose your forms as needed.