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Collect new leads, process orders, register new members, receive donations, record incidents, and so much more. Create web forms for free and embed them in your website in seconds with our drag-and-drop web form builder!


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Don’t want to build your web form from scratch? Just select one of our readymade web form templates and customize it for your business — it’ll only take a few minutes!

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Whether you’re collecting donations, selling products online, or charging booking fees, get paid fast with our 30+ payment integrations. Jotform never charges extra transaction fees, so you just have to pay your chosen platform’s usual rate.

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With our intuitive Form Builder, it’s easy to create online web forms that look exactly how you want. Just drag and drop form fields, visual elements, widgets, and app integrations directly onto your form — no coding required.

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Make your web form fit right into your workflow. Power up your form with advanced features that let you collect the data you need, from files to e-signatures. Send submissions to your favorite apps instantly with our 100+ apps and integrations, or turn them into PDFs automatically.


What our users say about Jotform

I’ve been using Jotform for about 5 years. At first to create basic web forms (e.g. contact us). As Jotform expanded its offerings it gave me an opportunity to create more sophisticated forms for both our front face website clients and our back end administrative processes. Jotform innovation and outstanding customer support afford me opportunities to develop more efficient and effective environments for our supervisors allowing them to focus on what matters most – teaching and clinical supervision of our students.

Kay Kazinski, Manager, Information Technology and Website Services