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Unlock the power of effortless form creation and customization with Jotform’s Visual Form Builder. Our user-friendly platform allows you to design visually appealing and highly functional online forms without any coding knowledge. Whether you’re a business owner, an educator, or an individual looking to seamlessly gather data, use Jotform’s WordPress plug-in to embed your forms into your WordPress website, enhance user engagement, and simplify data collection today.


Visual Form Templates

Need a little inspiration? Select from our library of ready-made templates and customize your form using our simple drag-and-drop form builder. Get ready for effortless customization to match your branding in minutes.

Contact Form

Template contact-form-private-57
Template contact-form-private-57

Email Signup Form

Template email-signup-form-private-14
Template email-signup-form-private-14

New Customer Registration Form

Template new-customer-registration-form-private-411
Template new-customer-registration-form-private-411


Create the perfect form in minutes

Build without coding

Jotforms’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder lets you create custom forms — without any coding experience required. Choose from hundreds of templates and customize them to match your exact needs. You can rearrange form fields, change fonts and colors, upload your own logos, and so much more in just minutes.

Works on all device types

Forms made with Jotform are accessible on any device and browser, meaning your users can connect to your forms on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Jotform aims to make its forms as user-friendly and simple as possible, so everyone can access them.

Receive periodic submission updates via email

Track and analyze form submissions with periodic email summaries powered by Jotform’s Digest Emails feature. Now, you can build custom recurring emails that give you helpful data about recent submissions and fit perfectly into your workflow.

Unlock powerful widgets and integrations

Jotform offers hundreds of helpful widgets to make your forms more efficient, including Signature, Appointment Slots, Take Photo, Terms & Conditions, and Image Slider. Additionally, our library of form integrations allows you to sync submissions and file uploads to platforms like Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, HubSpot, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more.

Collect and manage responses

View, organize, and manage your submission data in an all-in-one workspace with Jotform Tables. Your form responses will automatically appear in Tables so you don’t have to constantly import or update your forms. You can also share your tables in one click for seamless collaboration with your team.

Easily embed and share

Jotform simplifies the process of sharing online forms. You can seamlessly connect with your audience by embedding forms into your website — no coding required. You can also share links on social media, send email invitations, or use quick share buttons, QR codes, and social share widgets.


What our users say about Jotform

I’ve been using Jotform for about five years. At first, we created basic web forms (e.g., contact us), but now I am using it to create more sophisticated forms for both our front-facing website clients and our backend administrative processes. In the past 1.5 years, I have assisted one of our center directors to move 85 percent (and counting) of paper processes and workflows to a digital and automated environment.

Kay Kazinski, IT Manager, Towson University

Learn how to create a form with Jotform

Discover how you can build visually appealing and efficient online forms using Jotform’s online form builder in this informative tutorial.


Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Jotform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What is the Visual Form Builder?

Jotform’s Visual Form Builder is flexible and lets you implement flows into your form’s design (like conditional logic), instead of confining you to horizontal logic across all questions. The Visual Form Builder also allows you to customize smart forms to match your branding. Plus, you can use your forms as many times as you need. After you’ve created your form, use Jotform’s WordPress plug-in to include your form in your WordPress website.

Is it necessary to have design or coding skills to use a visual form builder effectively?

Not at all! Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build and design your forms — without any coding experience. In minutes, you can rearrange form fields, add your own logos, adjust fonts and colors, upload images, and much more. Plus, you can use our 100+ popular integrations to harness the power of the most popular apps out there.

How do I store and manage the data collected through visual forms?

All of your visual form submission data is automatically stored in your Jotform Inbox. Additionally, you can analyze and track your data in Jotform Tables, an all-in-one data management workspace. All of your submissions will auto-populate your tables, so you can focus on identifying trends. You can even migrate additional data to Jotform Tables by importing your Excel or CSV files into a new or existing table.

Keep in mind that all data submitted and stored in Jotform is secure. Jotform uses a 256-bit SSL connection, offers encryption features, and has PCI-DSS Level 1 certification. Jotform also follows GDPR and CCPA regulations to ensure your data stays protected.

What are some general use cases for visual forms?

Visual forms are a game-changer for data collection, which can include anything from contact information — such as phone numbers and email addresses — to customer feedback. But the world of online forms doesn’t stop there. You can use visual forms for event registration, polls, surveys, support tickets, requests, employee training, purchase orders, contracts…the list goes on! Your forms can be customized for any of your needs while staying true to your brand image.

How can I create my visual forms?

You can create visual forms in minutes with Jotform. Simply go to our online form builder and click Create Form. You can start from scratch or use one of our templates, then customize your form to your needs. When you’re finished, share your form via email, link, QR code, or by embedding it in your website. For more information about how to get started, check out How to Create Your First Web Form.

How do you create a form for WordPress by using Jotform’s Visual Form Builder?

You can create a form for WordPress in minutes using Jotform’s Visual Form Builder. Simply create and customize your form with our drag-and-drop form builder, and embed it in your WordPress website using the Embed Form plug-in. You can then start accepting submissions instantly and manage them on the go in the Jotform Mobile Forms app.

How do I create a contact form with a visual form builder?

You can create a contact form in Jotform’s Visual Form Builder by going to our Contact Forms directory. Choose a template that works best for your needs, then customize it to your liking. It’s that easy!