Dedicated Cloud Server to Host Your Data

Host your online forms and form data on a dedicated cloud server with Jotform Enterprise. Great for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Keep your information secure while collecting form submissions with any device.

Get a dedicated server for your company

No matter the size of your business or organization, having a dedicated server lets you keep your online data secure and separate from others’.

Use your own domain

Jotform Enterprise lets you create custom URLs that match your company domain to improve your website’s search ranking and give your forms a personal touch.

Host your forms on a dedicated server

Securely collect data, payments, file uploads, and more through online forms. By hosting your forms on a dedicated server with Jotform Enterprise, you can ensure that your information is private and has an extra layer of protection.

Store your data on a dedicated server

Jotform already protects form submission data with GDPR, CCPA, and optional HIPAA compliance — but you can boost your security by storing all of your data on a dedicated server with Jotform Enterprise.