Add Multiple Users to Your Jotform Account

Work as a team while staying in control of your data. With Jotform Enterprise, you can create user accounts to grant form access to other departments, colleagues, or clients — so you can collect data, send notifications, and follow up on submissions together.

Expertly manage your users

Control who can access your forms and submissions with Jotform’s fully customizable permission settings. Add new user accounts, set them as users or admins, and further customize permission levels to perfectly suit your company.

Access user account history

Make your online forms easier to use, access, and share with custom URLs. Before publishing a form on your website, you can easily rewrite and customize the form URL to better represent your brand.

Send notifications to users or clients

Notify colleagues or clients with personalized emails. They can take action after receiving the notification, fill in a follow-up form, or share submissions with others.

Send Notifications to Users or Clients

Search and filter your user list

For larger organizations with many users, Jotform Enterprise’s search and filter functions make it easy to find what you’re looking for — no matter how many forms or user accounts you have.

Search and Filter Your User List

Add or delete users

Add new users or remove existing ones in just a couple of clicks. You’ll be able to create an online data management platform that can easily be updated as your business grows.

Add or Delete Users

Customize permission levels

A high-level manager and a new recruit shouldn’t have the same access to your forms. Use Jotform’s permission settings to set your user accounts as users or admins.

Customize Permission Levels

Review user activity logs

See what your employees or clients have been doing with your company’s forms using detailed activity logs. You’ll be able to view form modifications, additions, deletions, and purges, as well as each user’s login and email history.

Review User Activity Logs