How OrthoIllinois improves experiences and decisions using Jotform Enterprise

How OrthoIllinois improves experiences and decisions using Jotform Enterprise

Founded in 1967, OrthoIllinois is one of northern Illinois’s leading bone and joint specialists, delivering exceptional care and expertise from five locations.

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Bill Coller, business development manager at OrthoIllinois, markets the organization’s workers’ compensation and the occupational medicine program. Before adopting Jotform Enterprise, OrthoIllinois relied on a fax machine and paper forms to get notified by employers about which employees were coming in for workers’ compensation-related care and what treatments they needed.

For years, their customers asked them to move their data intake online, but they couldn’t make it work with their electronic medical record (EMR) software. Then Coller discovered Jotform Enterprise.

I opened a trial account, and in 15 minutes, I created a form that worked better than the one we had been working on for almost 10 years.

Bill Coller

OrthoIllinois results at a glance

Better user experienceMinimized manual inputNew business analytics
Replaced faxed, paper forms with dynamic online forms in 15 minutes to improve staff and customer experienceTransformed package- tracking with an app to scan barcodes, upload images, and auto-populate a database Set up automated reporting to enable analysis of demand for services, trends data, and more

Next, Coller converted a paper intake form into a digital form and added conditional logic so employers would only see the sections that were relevant to them. He also set up a Google Drive integration, so staff could access form submission data in the same place as existing data in Drive. Everyone was happy.   

In minutes, I was able to build logic into a form that was superimposed onto our original paper intake form, so employers only see the sections they need to based on their answers. It’s incredibly simple for everyone to use and works seamlessly.

Bill Coller

As Coller shared what he was able to do with Jotform Enterprise, other staff got excited. HR wanted personnel forms, building maintenance wanted to use it to track packages, and the marketing, IT, and independent medical exams groups wanted to try it as well.

“Everyone wanted to use it,” said Coller. With Jotform Enterprise, OrthoIllinois could create an unlimited number of forms for every department. Coller jokes that the biggest problem is that with each new form they create, 10 more people say, “I want to do that too.”

Harnessing the power of digital data with Jotform Enterprise

The moment you get off paper and go into the digital world, you save time inputting data and gain the ability to access, track, and manipulate data.

Bill Coller

The shift to online forms empowers OrthoIllinois staff to do more with their data. Using Jotform Tables, Coller now takes a more proactive approach to business development.

“I’m building analytics to help us make better decisions,” he says.

Coller built a color-coded report with different graphics that displayed the demand for different services as percentages. Decisions that used to require manually reviewing electronic medical records can now be made at a glance with live data.

Using Jotform Tables and Reports, I can look whenever I want to see which services aren’t being utilized and notice trends, which allows me to ask deeper questions.

Bill Coller

OrthoIllinois tried to use other well-known form solutions, but none offered the analytics, integrations, and widgets they needed.

If you need a form for a high school project, one of the big-name forms is probably fine. If you want to use a form for business and get actionable data, Jotform Enterprise makes it simple and easy to adapt.

Bill Coller

Making a seamless transition to digitization with Jotform Enterprise

OrthoIllinois found that the onboarding process for Jotform Enterprise was smoother than they expected.

“Introducing new software can give IT directors palpitations,” said Coller. “But the customer support was great.” 
OrthoIllinois staff were quick to use Jotform’s form templates.

We can avoid a lot of the heavy lifting by downloading a form template with the framework we need and customizing it.

Bill Coller

Manual data entry for tracking packages went from 100 percent to almost zero. “I created a Jotform app that lets us scan barcodes and upload photos to automatically populate a table with time-stamped tracking numbers and pictures of where the package arrived and where it was left.”

Next, Coller plans to automate their employer protocol process by collecting data with Jotform Enterprise and having it write the protocol to a document using automation. “Having digitized data and analytics that lets us see what our customers are using will open up the world for us,” says Coller. “It’s also allowed us to catch up to our competitors’ offerings fairly quickly.”

Staying informed, secure, and current with customizations 

As OrthoIllinois expands its platform use, having access to HIPAA customizations is a big bonus.

“Being able to turn options that help with HIPAA compliance on and off at the form level and on individual form fields is really helpful for tailoring data protection and access as needed,” Coller says. Jotform’s PDF Editor makes converting and updating paper forms a breeze. “The first form I created was converted from paper using the PDF Editor to superimpose the online form onto our existing form language,” says Coller.

When I needed to update the form, I thought it would be a nightmare; it took four clicks.

Bill Coller

Coller is excited about opportunities to minimize duplicate data entry, use fewer systems to manage data, digitize signature collection with Jotform Sign, and inform outcomes data to deepen understanding of the impact of products and services on patients.

“Patients get really irritated when they fill out a paper intake form in the lobby and then are asked [for] similar information in the evaluation room where it’s used for a different system,” says Coller. “I’m eager to see what efficiencies we can gain by using Jotform Enterprise to collect data and send it where it needs to go,” he says.

A five-minute digitization challenge for healthcare workers 

Coller offers this five-minute challenge for healthcare professionals struggling with electronic medical records systems.

“Sign up for the free trial of Jotform and see what you can do in five minutes,” he says. “You will learn very quickly how fast and intuitive the Jotform platform is and how easy it is to integrate into services that you’re already using.”

Lainie is the Enterprise marketing manager and team lead at Jotform. With a career spanning 20+ years, she’s written for global management consulting firms, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and nonprofits. A published author, her work has appeared in industry trades and educational guidebooks. Outside of work, Lainie enjoys live music, gardening, travel, volunteering, and the outdoors. You can reach Lainie through her contact form.

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