How to Quickly Summarize Entries from a Field in Jotform Tables

September 22, 2021

While you can create a report in Jotform Tables, if you just want to know how many answers you have to certain form fields, such as Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Dropdown, the Summarize with a chart feature in Jotform Tables will help you get these numbers faster.

First, access Jotform Tables: How to View Form Submissions in Jotform Tables.

Second, follow the steps below:

1. In Jotform Tables, select the column of the field you want to see info about. 

2. Click the settings (arrow icon) on that column. 

3. Click the Summarize with a chart option.

Jotform Tables will automatically select the chart type to display the summary of answers. Here’s an example from a single choice field. The Bar chart is automatically selected in this case.

To change the chart type, click the chart icon, and choose the chart type from the list. You can choose from Basic, Donut, Pie, Column, and Bar charts.

Basic chart

Donut chart

Pie chart

Column chart

Bar chart

You can download all chart types in an image format. Click the download (arrow icon):

If you need a real-time, shareable report of your form data, particularly for the fields mentioned above, create a report instead. Please visit the following guide for more information:

How to Create Automated Reports in Jotform Tables

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